Why Green Packaging Can Mean Different Things Depending On the Material

As the use of plastic bags is being rapidly reduced by the 5p charge, many people are welcoming the news. But reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing them with other materials won’t necessarily make a greener planet. This is because eco-friendly or ‘green’ means different things depending on what the environmental impact will [...]

Why Consider A Bag for Life?

We are currently at the start of a transformation in plastic bag use which hasn’t been seen for more than a generation. Plastic bag use is already being dramatically reduced, but this could have the effect of increasing the use of the bag for life. The bag for life is a relatively new form of [...]

Demand for Recyclable Packaging Market Set to Grow 7% by 2020

The market for recyclable materials is set to grow by 7% as large multi-nationals continue to move towards sustainable green packaging. The forecast looks at the likely trajectory of growth in sustainable packaging over the next four years. The study by research company Technavio looked at materials, end users and geography in its assessment of [...]

What Is Biodegradable Packaging?

Population growth and greater awareness of the need to reduce pollution in the environment have led to increased demand for Biodegradable Packaging but what exactly is Biodegradable Packaging and why is it better than using conventional packaging. To be considered biodegradable, packaging has to be made from organic material. It must also be possible for [...]

Plastic Packaging Lags Behind In Recycling

Packaging news reports a positive trend in packaging recycling for 2015, however plastic needed a little help from the previous year to reach its target. Various materials used in packaging such as plastic, glass and aluminium are required to meet a reprocessing target each year to reduce waste and consumption of natural resources and overall [...]

Tesco, having trialed recyclable plastic packaging, is reported to be in a position to save the waste of more than a million eggs each year as a result of these tests

Most of us will have, at some time or another, opened a branded box of eggs only to find a broken one as the result of an ‘in-transit’ incident. For the consumer this is frustrating, however, for the distributor this can be costly. When an egg breaks in transit it will usually seep through the [...]

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