Why Carrier Bags Have Become Everyone’s Favourite Marketing Giveaway

People are now thinking a lot more about their plastic bag use following the introduction of the 5p charge. Some people will be trying to avoid the charge at all costs even if it means popping in to smaller retail outlets that may give away a bag for free. This creates a great opportunity for [...]

Facts About Polybags

You may have come across the term polybags, which like many things relating to names for plastic items is a shortened version of the correct chemical name. So let’s explore the facts about polybags including where the name comes from. Firstly, the name polybag is actually short for polyethylene bag which would be a bit [...]

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Dawn of a New Era for the Plastic Shopping Bag

The introduction of the 5p charge for disposable plastic shopping bags in England has effectively brought an end to the era of throwaway shopping bags. However, there are plenty of positive to be drawn, now that plastic will be put to more sensible use. Plastic of course is one of the world’s greatest inventions. Imaging [...]

Why Do People Use Plastic Carrier Bags?

Plastic bags have been a part of our lives for many years, but there is a growing resistance to their use from eco lobbyists who highlight the potential impact on the environment. For most of us however the plastic carrier bag is an addiction that will be difficult shake for consumers and brands. Even with [...]