Exercise Equivalent Food Labels – A New Approach To Healthy Packaging?

UK health experts are not only demanding that food packaging should be clearer on exactly how healthy food is, they are also suggesting that people should be told how much exercise they need to burn off calories contained in the food. This idea is not so odd as it seems. Typical packaging labels tell us [...]

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Luxury Packaging And Minimalism Not A Match Made In Heaven

If they are lucky enough to be given one, few people would want to receive their Rolex watch in plain minimalist packaging. Luxury in an anything be it expensive gifts, motoring doesn’t lend itself well to sustainability. When consumers are thinking about luxury, few are concerned about its effect on the planet. Luxury items are [...]

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Luxury brands demand luxury packaging

The basic elements of luxury packaging including colour and materials used are as important as the luxury item itself. Luxury brands usually follow fashion trends and the basic conveyance of the ‘luxury feel’ to those in view of the package only has to ‘carry it off’. Belonging to ‘that fraternity’ – the essential “I have [...]

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