Why Green Packaging Can Mean Different Things Depending On the Material

As the use of plastic bags is being rapidly reduced by the 5p charge, many people are welcoming the news. But reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing them with other materials won’t necessarily make a greener planet. This is because eco-friendly or ‘green’ means different things depending on what the environmental impact will [...]

New Carrier Bag Legislation, more tea Vicar?

The government have now introduced a 5p charge on single-use plastic carrier bags in England from 5 October 2015. There is already a similar 5p charge on single-use bags in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All small and medium-sized (SME) businesses (up to £500M turnover and/or up to 250 employees) are exempt from the plastic [...]

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Tesco, having trialed recyclable plastic packaging, is reported to be in a position to save the waste of more than a million eggs each year as a result of these tests

Most of us will have, at some time or another, opened a branded box of eggs only to find a broken one as the result of an ‘in-transit’ incident. For the consumer this is frustrating, however, for the distributor this can be costly. When an egg breaks in transit it will usually seep through the [...]

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