Sustainable packaging to consider during the pandemic

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, more and more businesses have continued to press ahead with plans to improve eco friendly packaging solutions. With e-commerce sales reaching record figures, both national and local businesses have had to rethink existing marketing strategies in favour of boosting online sales which also leads to seeking more sustainable packaging solutions to send products through the post to reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking as sustainable packaging suppliers, we can honestly tell you that during the pandemic, over the last 12 months 90% of all enquiries have come directly from businesses that are asking for eco friendly packaging versions of their current packaging. To add to this, statistics also show on average 80% of consumers are looking to reduce plastic waste.

Although some businesses have been hit harder by the economy climate by withdrawing from the high-street and become an ‘online-only business, new local businesses have also flourished by their products in demand.

With this in mind, we thought we would put together a handy eco friendly packaging guide on what sustainable packaging solutions we can offer businesses who want to replace their current packaging for businesses surviving the pandemic and looking to reopening once restrictions start easing. We will also be offering guidance on what sustainable ecommerce packaging options are out there for new businesses during the pandemic

On average 8/10 consumers are looking to reduce their plastic waste.
The number of UK businesses who would pay more for sustainable packaging.
Of people in the UK feel guilty about the amount of plastic they use
Product TypeSustainable Packaging ProductOrder QuantityWaterproofProduct Information
sustainabe-packaging-pandemic-mailing-bageco friendly version of plastic mailing bags

500 Units for price list items. 1,000 for bespoke sizing.

Yes, perfect to send through the post.Most commonly used for sending items through the post with added protection, plastic mailing bags can not only be made eco friendly, they are available to order in a number of sustainable packaging materials. Elliott Packaging can manufacture mailing bags in recyclable, degradable or low carbon footprint versions, with optional printing available for branding or promotions. Please see our mailing bags for more information
eco-friendly version of plastic carrier bagSubject to specificationYes, perfect to send through the post and used in supermarkets/highstreetMost commonly used on the high street, the plastic carrier bag! If you are reopening your shop in the coming months, Elliott Packaging provide a more sustainable packaging version of these types of bags. Also known as the patch handle carrier bags, this type of packaging can be manufactured in LDPE, MDPR or HDPE versions. Available to order in up to 100 microns, these bags still maintain the strength and reusable abilities of a standard plastic carrier bag.  Please see our patch handle carrier bags or our vest bags for more information on the traditional carrier bag.
eco friendly stand up pouchesSubject to specificationYes, perfect to send through the post and used in supermarkets/highstreet.Perfect for sending food/drink through the post or extending shelf life in a high street shop or a supermarket! With it’s versatility in storing dry/wet food content, Elliott Packaging provide stand up pouches using 100% recycled material. With a range of handles and seals to choose from, our stand up pouches can also included barriers to provide extra protection and extend shelf life with printing options also available. Please visit our stand up pouches for further information.

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With major brands such as L’Oréal, Nestlé, and Colgate all switching to sustainable packaging options during the pandemic, now is the time to make the switch and improve your eco friendly packaging solutions.

If you would like any further information on our sustainable packaging products, or would like to speak to us on how we can create eco friendly versions of your existing packaging, please submit an enquiry or speak to our sales team using the live chat.