Polythene Carrier Bags

Elliott Packaging are able to offer a large range of polythene carrier bags, custom designed to suit your individual needs. We offer the following styles of polythene carrier bags, patch handle, vest style, varigauge, flexiloop, duffel and clip close. We also stock a range of plain stock plain bags. Lead times are around 3-4 weeks for printed bags but quicker lead times are possible.

We can offer environmentally friendly carrier bags which are either bio-degradable or are made from recycled material. Get in touch with us for more information on eco friendly carrier bags.

Elliott Packaging Printed Polythene Flexiloop handle carrier bag. Eco Friendly options available.
Vest style printed carrier bags made from HDPE. Supermarket style carrier bag.
Printed polythene cord drawstring duffle bag. Custom printed made from LDPE polythene.
Elliott Packaging clip close handle carrier bag. Clip close made from rigid plastic. Carrier bag made from LDPE polythene.
Patch Handle Carrier Bag

Patch Handle Carrier Bag

Patch handle carrier bags are one of our most popular products. They are a cost effective option for most business’s. Polythene patch handle bags are bag tax exempt when the thickness is 70 microns or more, this makes the bag reusable. More information..

Elliott Packaging Eco-Friendly Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are made from strong thick re-usable polythene with a cord pull closure and a reinforced metal eyelet Style hole to give extra carrier bag strength. Added features are a second cord handle for the bag to be carried on the back. More information…

Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bag

Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bag

The first ‘Bag For Life’ style was the Flexi-Loop handle carrier bag made from strong durable reusable plastic and is still considered one of the least expensive and most fit for purpose carrier bag because of its hygienic and waterproofing qualities. More information…

Clip Close Handle Carrier Bag

Clip Close Handle Carrier Bag

Clip close handle carrier bags have a durable rigid clip closure handle which clips together to provide extra protection for the contents inside. Clip close handle carrier bags can be customized and are usually made from polythene. More information…

Varigauge Carrier Bag

Varigauge Carrier Bag

Varigauge carrier bags are durable and re-useable polythene carrier bags.The top third of the bag is twice as thick as the bottom two thirds, giving extra strength to the handle area. The handle is an oval cut out from the top third of the bag. Biodegradable options are available. More information…

Elliott Packaging Vest Style Carrier Bag

Vest Style Carrier Bag

Vest style carrier bags are the kind of bag that you see in supermarkets.They can be produced in a variety of sizes. This type of bag can be supplied in a variety of colours and can be printed to help promote brand awareness. More information…

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