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The flexiloop handle carrier bag made from strong durable reusable plastic. Today, the Flexi-Loop handle carrier bag is still considered as one of the least expensive and most fit for purpose plastoc carrier bags because of its hygienic and waterproofing qualities.

Why choose flexiloop handle carrier bags?

  • Flexiloop poly carrier bags are great for re-using. They are usually made from a thick LDPE which makes them super durable.
  • Flexiloop handle carrier bags can be customized which is great for promoting your business when customers are re-using your bags.
Flexiloop handle carrier bags are usually made in low density polythene (LDPE) which makes them strong and waterproof. We can produce flexiloop bags in other materials on request such as MDPE. This bag can be made in a range of thicknesses 50 micron, 60 micron, 75 micron+.

If you order over any flexiloop bags over 70 microns, these will be counted as a bag-tax exempt plastic carrier bags.

Flexiloop carriers can be printed up to 8 spot colours or process print both sides. We can print the bag 100% to achieve the desired colour. We also have the shulman range available for coloured bags.
Flexiloops are attached to the top of the carrier bags. They are made from polythene and are extremely strong. Flexiloop handles can be made in any colour to suit the specific bag design.
Flexiloop handle poly carrier bags can be made in any bespoke size. Our most popular size is:

15″ wide x 18″ tall + 3″ bottom gusset.

Flexiloop handle carrier bags are very popular plastic carrier bags and are commonly used in the following sectors:

  • Bag For Life
  • Clothing Retail
  • Food Shops / Supermarkets
  • Shoe Shops
  • Takeaways
Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

Why Us:

  • We offer great wholesale prices and will price match where possible.
  • Our print quality is very high and we provide samples to customers so that they have confidence in print quality before ordering.
  • We pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge which helps us advise our customers which packaging will be best for their product.


Bespoke Product

Custom Sizes
Your Design
Film Thickness Choices

The Process:

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Once you are happy we proceed

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Artwork needs to be signed off

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Manufacturing times vary

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Quality Control

We take pride in making sure the quality is second to none

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Start using the bags to give that special customer experience

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