Packaging Material Glossary

Polythene/polyethylene (PE):

A very common resin used in plastics. Polythene (PE) is used in both flexible plastics and rigid plastics for example plastic bottles. Polyethene is used in products such as mailing bags, patch handle carrier bags and grip seal bags.

Low Density Polythene (LDPE):

LDPE is one of the most popular materials for our carrier bag range. LDPE maintains its flexibility a clarity under low temperatures. LDPE is water resistant. Our low-density polythene is commonly used for patch handle carrier bags, grip seal bags, varigauge carrier bags, duffle bags, grip seal bags, mailing bags and clip close handle bags.

Medium Density Polythene (MDPE):

Medium density polythene is less dense than high density polythene but still a great strong material. MDPE isn’t as common as HDPE or LDPE but its favoured for products which need a frosted finish. We can use MDPE for bags such as patch handle carrier bags and duffle bags.

High Density polythene (HDPE):

High density polythene is widely used in the packaging industry. Its high density makes it a strong waterproof plastic. We use HDPE in products such as our vest style carrier bags (super market style), Vest style carrier bags are only very thin but the plastics high density makes it strong enough for its contents.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC):

Polyvinyl chloride is an almost clear, durable and stiff plastic film. PVC is used in our slider style bags but can also be used for other items such as tubing and cables.

Oriented Polypropylene (OPP):

OPP is a super high clarity film making it crystal clear. Oriented polypropylene isn’t as durable as other plastics but its clarity makes is perfect for greeting card bags and confectionary bags (Crimp bottom back lap seal style). OPP can be coated with polyvinylidene chloride or metalized to improve its barrier properties.


Polypropylene has a high melting point which makes it a light and durable thermoplastic. PP is colourless which makes it ideal for products such as garment bags and display bags. When formed PP is crisp and clear making it waterproof, polypropylene is transparent but the thicker it is the more cloudy and opaque it becomes.

Co-extruded (CO-EX) film:

Co-extruded has a multi-layer structure which contains at least two or more resins. Co-ex film is strong, waterproof and opaque. Co-ex film is ideal for mailing bags.


MET-OPP is a metalized film. Metalized OPP has oxygen and water vapor barrier properties which makes it ideal for the food and healthcare industries. MET-OPP is used in our pouch range.


Metalized PET film has the same properties of PET film but improved water vapor and oxygen barrier properties. MET-PET is used within our pouch range.

Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper is a type of cardboard produced from chemical pulp. Kraft paper has high elasticity and high tear resistance. Kraft paper is brown in colour but can be bleached white. Kraft paper is used in products such as our twisted paper handle bags, tape handle paper bags and our counter style paper bags.


Paper/Card artboard is a thick board which we use to make our luxury rope handle carrier bags. Artboard comes in a range of thickness’s and can be laminated to give is a glossy finish.