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We offer plain and custom printed mailing bags. Mailing bags are also known as postal bags, post bags, mailing envelopes or postal packaging. Our postal bags are of very high quality and can be made to suit your business and your product. Post bags are a safe and cost effective way to send goods. Our minimum order quantities for mailing envelopes can start from as little as 1000 units. We can help with your design for your postal packaging.

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We can produce mailing bags in the following materials:

  • Co-ex – co-extruded polythene. Black inner and white outer which gives an opaque finish.
  • Polythene /  poly
  • Recycled grey low density polythene(LDPE)
  • White black or coloured (black, blue grey etc) low density polythene (LDPE)
  • HDPE

We can offer recyclable and biodegrade postage bags. We can also offer parcel bags made from recycled content.

Here are our eco friendly polythene mailing bags options:

Recyclable – All of our mailing bags can be recycled in recycle banks.

Degradable – We offer mailing bags which are fully degradable. See material spec here… 

Low carbon footprint – We can provide mailing bags with a low carbon footprint which are made from plant based products. These bags are fully recyclable and are renewable.

Mailing bags can be printed up to 10 spot colours or process print both sides. We can print postage bags 100% to achieve the desired colour matched to a pantone reference. Polythene parcel bags have a gloss finish as standard but can have an added lacquer to give it a matte finish. Printed postage bags are an excellent contribution to a business and gives a great professional image.

We can offer single or double permanent or resealable adhesive strips on mailing bags. Punch out handles can also be added to our postage bags.

Bespoke custom mailing bags are made to meet the customers specific needs. Postage bags can be made in any size right up 47″ x 47″.

To keep postage packaging costs low we offer the following postage bag sizes in small quantities:

62.5 micron Co-Ex – printed up to three colours 50% ink coverage – minimum order 1000 units.

(Width) x (Height) + (Lip)

250mm x 250mm + 50mm

255mm x 330mm + 50mm

305mm x 420mm + 50mm

355mm x 460mm + 50mm

460mm x 510mm + 50mm

Here are the most common uses for our mailing bags /  postage bags:

  • Mail order
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Publication

Here is why we are different to most mailing bag / postage bag suppliers:

  • We offer bespoke printing
  • We offer a range of different Eco friendly film options
  • Our lead times are shorter than most
  • We offer a free design service

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

Here are a few things you need to think about when buying your custom mailing bags:

Will my products fit in my parcel bags?

We make bags to any size and offer a hand made sample before you order to check sizing. Always allow extra room on each side of the parcel bag to allow the product to be put in and taken out of the bag easily.

What do i need to print on my postage bags?

We recommend the following: Logo, return address, contact details and your PPI (if applicable)

How many mailing bags do i need?

The more bags you order the better the cost per unit will be. Please check that you have enough storage space for your postal packaging and that you have enough bags to cover yourself for at least three months.

Which material is best for my mailing bag?

Mailing bags need to be polythene, this makes them durable and waterproof. There are a few options within this though, check out of material section for more information. Our sales team can advise which will be best for your product.

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Why Us:

  • Competitive prices. We always try to price match against our competitors where possible.
  • On going support for all our customers on new and existing projects. We help with packaging designs too!
  • We pride ourselves on our product and industry knowledge. Each member of the team has extensive knowledge about each of our products which helps us advise and help our customers effectively.
  • We always go that extra mile for our customers.

Why mailing bags / postage bags:

  • Mailing bags are opaque which is important for posting goods around the country and overseas.

  • Postage bags can have permanent adhesive closures which is crucial for posting to stop the parcels opening in transit.

  • We make parcel bags in any size the customer needs, this is ideal for customers with obscure size products

  • Mailing bags made from polythene are waterproof.


“From initial contact to delivery of our bags, I could not have wished for a better service. My initial call was taken by Samantha , who is a credit to her company and nothing was too much trouble. I know I asked a lot of questions but she always had time to answer them, and never at any time did I feel that I was being rushed or talked into anything. What I got was the truth, definite costs and at the end of it, bags that we are delighted with. Thank you.”

(A National Veterinary practice)

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