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Compostable Carrier Bags

Made using potato starch, compostable carrier bags are made from 100% compostable material. Also known as potato starch carrier bags, these products are great eco-friendly alternative to polythene and plastic carrier bag products. These bags completely disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within 10-12 weeks to significantly reduce carbon footprint.

Why Compostable Carrier Bags

  • Add it to your home compost heap
  • Easily recyclable. Compostable carrier bags can be placed in either your garden waste or food waste bin
  • Compostable carrier bags are certified home compostable products and comply with European standard EN13432
Compostable carrier bags are made using potato starch. Not only is the material renewable and sustainable, this also means these products are completely biodegradable, compostable and complies with European standard EN13432.

Each potato starch bag can be used and added to the garden compost heap, or put into the green bin or placed in your food waste bin.

Elliott Packaging are delighted to offer printed compostable carrier bags. Due to the natural material, we can offer printing on either one or both sides of the product with up to 3 colours.

Please contact Elliott Packaging if you wish to discuss printing option, where we can also assist you with customising your potato starch bags to best represent your brand and products.

All compostable carrier bags are manufactured with an oval shaped punched-out handle to offer additional strength and support.
Currently, our potato starch bags are available in 15″ (Width) x 18″ (Height)

Please contact Elliott Packaging if you wish to discuss alternative sizing options.

Because compostable carrier bags are considered to be great alternative to plastic and polythene and eligible as printed carrier bags, they have become increasingly popular in a number of industries including;

  • High Street Retail Brands
  • Food & Drink Industry
  • Exhibitions and shows

National newspaper The Guardian have also recently switched where readers will find the weekend paper wrapped in a compostable material made from potato starch.

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

Why Us:

  • We offer great wholesale prices and will price match where possible.
  • Our print quality is very high and we provide samples to customers so that they have confidence in print quality before ordering.
  • We pride ourselves on our extensive compostable carrier bags product knowledge which helps us advise our customers.

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