Eco friendly mailing bags – which is best for my business?

Elliott Packaging are sure that the environment and getting green is on top of most people’s agendas when it comes to ordering your postal packaging at the moment. We are aware that there are so many different economically friendly postal packaging options. We wanted to give you an easy to read table explaining our different options for your mailing bags. Before going ‘green’ have you thought about all factors and thier impact to your mailing bags? For example:

  • Are my current mailing bags already eco-friendly?

  • Will my new postal packaging be cost effective as well as green?

  • Which eco material can i get in quantities suitable for me?

See below our helpful table. We hope that this mailing bag info table will show you clearly our different options and will also help you answer your postage packaging questions.

printed mailing bags



Eco Friendly Rating*

Cost Rating*


Eco Friendly Info


Recyclable mailing bags

500 Units for price list items. 1,000 for bespoke sizing.8/1010/10 All of our standard mailing bags are recyclable(already green!). Recyclable means that you can take them to your local recycle banks for them to be recycled correctly.There are no print or size restrictions on recyclable postal bags. We feel that these bags are the best ‘all-rounder’ for both cost and eco rating.

Oxo/Bio-degradable mailing bags



9/108/10Oxo-degradable plastics are conventional polymers to which chemicals are added to accelerate the oxidation and fragmentation of the material under the action of UV light and/or heat, and oxygen.Oxo-biodegradable bags have no print or size restrictions. If you require higher quantities, this material could be your best and most eco friendly option.

Paper mailing bags

Subject to specification9/106/10

Paper mailers are ‘water resistant’

Paper mailers comply with FCS certification.

Our paper mailers are compostable, degradable and can be easily recycled. When composted these bags will degrade within 6 weeks.

Paper mailing bags are a fairly new product. Paper mailers can be a great alternative to plastic but it also comes with its disadvantages. Paper mailing bags tend to be more expensive to plastic and also comes without some crucial mailing bag properties. Paper mailer are made from strong and durable Kraft paper. Standard sizes apply. Brown kraft bags are better for the environment than white kraft bags as white bags contain Chlorine.

Photo degradable mailing bags

 MOQ subject to size required – please enquire.7/109/10 Photo degradable postal bags degrade with the exposure to UV light. Studies have shown that the powder left over after the degrading process has taken place, the powder left over will eventually degrade in Carbon dioxide and water making them biodegradable.We can offer photo degradable mailing bags in as little as 1000 units. You will start to see cost effective prices at around 5000 units. There are no major restrictions when it comes to producing a photo degradable mailing bag.

Low Carbon footprint (sugarcane) mailing bags

50,000 Units

(dependent on size)

7/108/10Our low carbon foot print postal bags are made from a plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane. This green film helps reduce greenhouse gases. Sugarcane bags are also fully recyclable.Low carbon footprint postal bags have no print or size restrictions. Low carbon footprint bags are a great all-rounder with the material being made from eco friendly materials and also the bag having the ability to be recycled.

* Minimum order subject to specification and print.

* Eco friendly rating based on Elliott Packaging’s research.

* Cost rating based on small quantities, you start to see cost effective prices on ALL types of mailing bags when ordered 5000 units or more.