The eco Friendly mailing bag: Everything you need to know.

Looking for advice on mailing bag packaging? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?
Read everything you need to know as Elliott Packaging explains our paper mailing bag and plastic mailing bag products in further detail so you can choose the perfect mailing bag options for your business

Paper Mailing Bag Packaging

Paper Mailing Bags

With recyclable, degradable and compostable options, our Elliott Packaging paper mailing bags are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to send your products through the post. Made from durable brown kraft paper, our local paper suppliers are FSC certified, to guarantee you are reducing your carbon footprint and making a better environment choice.

If you are a new start-up business, or have had to change your marketing strategy and sell products online, our paper mailing bags are ideal for you! When manufactured, our paper mailing bags have the option to add two adhesive strips into the design of our kraft paper mailing bags. This means once the customer has opened the packaging, they can easily reseal and reuse the packaging to send through the post with returns.

Please take a further look at our paper mailing bags for further information…

Order as little quantity as 500 units, perfect for new and smaller businesses
3-4 week lead times to manufacture, print and deliver your order.
That’s correct, Free UK Delivery for all our UK based businesses!

Plastic Mailing BagsPlastic Mailing Bags

Elliott Packaging also offers both plain and printed plastic mailing bags, with a number of eco friendly plastic mailing bag material options available to choose from. If you are looking for packaging which is slightly more durable, weather resistant and a cost effective way of sending your products, our plastic mailing bags can still reduce your carbon footprint (depending on material choice), in a variety of sizes to choose from.

If you are looking to add branding to your plastic mailing bags, Elliott Packaging offers printed mailing bag packaging options. Our plastic mailing bags can be printed with up to 10 spot colours or process print both sides. 100% of the time we achieve the desired colour matched to a pantone colour reference.

For further information, please take a look at our plastic mailing bags.

Available to manufacture in 5 different types of plastic materials.
We offer printed mailing bags with up to 10 spot colours.
Our minimum order quantities start from as little as 1000 units.

Is there more demand for mailing bags?

There are several factors why mailing bags have been in high demand over the last 12 months. With consumers now shopping online out of necessity, businesses including Elliott Packaging were forced to change marketing strategies as a result.

According to research conducted by Natwest, since the pandemic began, 46% of UK consumers have purchased a product online that they would have previously only ever purchased in store.

With ecommerce figures reaching record levels, Elliott Packaging have also seen more demand for mailing bag packaging. Sales are roughly 45% higher for the first 6 months of trading of the financial year compared to 12 months ago!

Rest assured, with increased demand, Elliott Packaging has invested to increase capacity to meet new and recurring orders.

Why you should choose Elliott Packaging

Reduce your carbon footprint

Not only are the majority of our mailing bags manufactured as eco friendly mailing bags, which will already reduce your carbon footprint, we are also based in the UK and manufacture all our packaging within the UK. As an eco friendly packaging company, this means as a business we are reducing our carbon footprint, this also means by purchasing from a UK based company, you cut out the added manufacturing and shipping involved when ordering products overseas.

Printed mailing bags

From our paper mailing bags through to our polythene mailing bags, each mailing bag can be manufactured to any given specification with any given design. 95% of our customers who order our mailing bag products decided to customise our products with their branding and marketing material colours as a great way to promote your business when sending products through the post.

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