Major supermarket introduces sustainable packaging products scores

In recent news to make eco-friendly packaging headlines, major retail discount chain Lidl UK have announced plans to help shoppers become ‘greener’ by introducing a eco-score labelling system on it’s own products. Rolling out in October 2021 across over 100 stores in Scotland, Lidl UK will apply eco-score labelling to over 50 if it’s own [...]

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Paper bags are back.

With the new carrier bag legislation hitting the UK in October 2015, many companies have been confused about what bags they can use. The aim of the legislation is to try and significantly reduce waste in the UK. Before the new law was put into place each EU citizen was using around 198 plastic carrier [...]

What’s Lurking In Your Reusable Shopping Bag?

As people ditch disposable plastic bags for reusable alternatives, there is one danger which so far hasn’t been considered – bacteria. While reusable bags have helped to dramatically reduce the waste generated by the use of disposable plastic bags, it has also created environments where bacteria can thrive. Few people take the time to wash [...]

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