London Swimwear Brand elect for recyclable polythene mailing bags

Example of our Polythene Mailing Bags Products As specialists in eco-friendly packaging, all the team at Elliott Packaging have excellent product knowledge and pride themselves on offering first-class customer service. It’s our passion for excellent customer service that really make us thrive, so we are always delighted to hear when a new customer [...]

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Longstanding customer switches to 100% recyclable high clarity polypropylene bags

A long withstanding high-end clothing manufacturer customer within the textile sector, has recently switched from their own sourced PVC grade display bags to a 100% recyclable high clarity polypropylene bags. Asked why they wanted to make the switch, the customer want to be seen as a more eco-friendly business and switching from (non-recyclable) PVC bags [...]

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Peter Christian Ltd opt for ‘green’ paper mailing bag solution

Conscious of the current ecological footprint, gentleman’s outfitters Peter Christian Ltd have recently changed their mailing bags specifications by choosing to use two-ply natural kraft paper mailing bags going forward. Based in West Sussex, the company are extremely conscious of the effect that packaging currently has on the environment and felt the change to using [...]

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December News

December News Elliott Packaging Ltd are please to now be able to offer a new eco-friendly alternative for carrier bags. Our new eco-friendly carbon neutral polythene carrier bags are made from sugarcane. Sugarcane based polythene is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable which makes it a great alternative to the usual oil-based polythene. We can now [...]

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Elliott packaging are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply affordable eco friendly paper mailing bag options. Paper mailing bags are becoming increasingly popular meaning that bespoke paper mailing bag machines in the UK are now back logged with orders for months. Elliott Packaging are now offering ‘over printed’ stock paper mailing [...]

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September 2018 News

Elliott Packaging are having a BIG PUSH on ‘bags for life’ this month. With the environment being top on peoples agenda when it comes to packaging buying at the moment, we want to make more people aware of this very ECO FRIENDLY bag option. What is more eco-friendly than re-using the one bag over and [...]

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August News

Burnley FC might be in the news at the moment for the recent sighing of Joe Hart, but Burnley FC are in our news this week for recognition for taking a step in the right direction to becoming GREEN. The Lancashire based football club have recently added paper carrier bags to their packaging range. Burnley’s [...]

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Paper bag sales continue to soar!

  2018 has seen record sales in all types of our environmentally friendly paper bags. The company can offer most types of paper bags including twisted paper handle carrier bags, flat tape handle carrier bags, block bottom counter bags & luxury rope handle carrier bags. Papers are FSC approved & are available in multiple (environmentally [...]

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Paper Mailing Bags hit the spot!

Paper mailing bags are becoming an ever popular product which the company are receiving record numbers of enquiries for. Being completely compostable these type of bags are very environmentally friendly. Current lead times are in the region of 8 weeks. Please contact our sales department for further details. 12th JUNE 2018

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