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How sustainable mailing bags can contribute to driving climate change

It’s been well documented for years that climate change is having a disastrous effect on the globe, contributing to disrupting natural systems, rising sea levels and much more. According to the World Meteorological Organization, evidence suggests climate change is responsible for the globe getting hotter. Studies have shown the warmest 20 years on record have [...]

Elliott Packaging create customized mailing bags for new start-up business

Looking back over the past 18 months, the covid-19 pandemic has provided mixed fortunes for many businesses across the UK. Although almost every business has faced an uncertain and exceptionally hard time, certain industries such as the beauty and tourism sections have aggressively struggled because of the difficulties of adapting to change. Even national brands [...]

Your guide to eco mailing bags

Statistically, did you know that eco mailing bags have three times less Co2 emissions than plastic mailing bags? Over recent years, due to changing public sentiment along with changes in government legislation, running your own business in a sustainable way is now no longer a matter of personal preference. Now, more and more customers want [...]

National fitness brand increase poly mailing bags order

Not only did national lockdown change consumer behaviour habits with customers forced to buy products online which saw record e-commerce sale figures, the population were also forced to spend the time doing homework outs following the closure of gyms and leisure centres, and to help pass the time... According to statistics, half of the UK [...]

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Large UK fulfilment company switch to biodegradable mailer bags

Several years ago, going ‘green’ or looking to reduce your carbon footprint was something only a niche or a forward thinking business would promote to try and be different from competition. Being truthful, using products such as biodegradable mailer bags were looked down upon, with businesses not seeing the numerous benefits associated with switching. Fast [...]

Major supermarket introduces sustainable packaging products scores

In recent news to make eco-friendly packaging headlines, major retail discount chain Lidl UK have announced plans to help shoppers become ‘greener’ by introducing a eco-score labelling system on it’s own products. Rolling out in October 2021 across over 100 stores in Scotland, Lidl UK will apply eco-score labelling to over 50 if it’s own [...]

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New business guide to ecommerce packing

A lot has changed over the last 18 months following the global pandemic. Consumer shopping habits have certainly transformed with customers being forced to shop online due to national lockdown restrictions which has resulted in both businesses having to adapt to this change and resulting in record breaking ecommerce sales in 2020. However, it’s not [...]

Everything you need to know about eco-mailing bags

Local businesses and industry leaders all share the same concerns are starting to become more conscious than ever before of how their packaging affects the planet. Being eco-friendly really does help improve your sustainability and carbon footprint, with carbon emissions being in the news of late and how the planet is really suffering. This is [...]

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Co-Op urge shoppers to use compostable packaging

In recent packaging news to hit the headlines, national grocery retailers The Co-Op are urging shoppers who forget their reusable shopping bags to make use of their EN 13432 certified compostable carrier bags, which have a secondary use as food waste caddy liners. With Wales and Northern Ireland already introducing universal food waste collections, the [...]

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UK market leading testing laboratory delighted with bespoke mailing bags

When you think about it, postal mailing bags have been around for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the oldest known surviving pieces of mail dates as far back as 2400 BCE in Egypt where Pharaohs would use couriers for the dissemination of their decrees in the territory of the State. Fast [...]

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