It doesn’t matter how old we get, we all love a good Easter Egg when Easter arrives!

Well in sustainable packaging news, this year Mars Wrigley UK have made a real statement by introducing a staggering 142-ton reduction of packaging across it’s Easter Eggs collection, along with a further 6-ton reduction in plastic packaging this Easter!

Are Mars pioneers in plastic free packaging?

plastic free packagingFounded in 1911, Mars (later merging to become Mars Wrigley Confectionery in 2016) have become a real chocolate powerhouse by introducing Mars, Bounty, Twirl & Snickers to the world, along with introducing a number of plastic free packaging initiatives over the last couple of years…

Firstly in 2020, Mars decided to remove plastic trays from large Easter Egg products, which accounted for over 270-tonnes of plastic reduction. From here Mars also removed a further 86 tonnes by removing plastic from its XL Easter Eggs and Giant Easter Eggs portfolio range in 2021.

Combined, this has resulted in a total of 504 tonnes of packaging and plastic reduced over the last three years combined. The latest move from the business means that 97% of its Easter Egg portfolio in the UK is now plastic free packaging which is a fantastic incentive for other businesses to follow when trying to introduce sustainable packaging products as reported in sustainable packaging news

How you as a business can become more sustainable…

So what exactly does sustainable packaging mean? Sustainable packaging refers to sourcing, developing and the use of packaging solutions which will have a minimal environmental impact and reduced eco footprint.

Decreasing your carbon footprint – Instead of sourcing/shipping your products from the likes of China or anywhere overseas, look to work with local businesses to really reduce your eco footprint with sustainable packaging products. Yes, it may be more expensive in costs but if there is a major problem, this can take months to resolve.

Improving overall brand image – Being more sustainable can help you acquire more customers and boost loyalty while you’re at it. Multiple studies have shown that consumers are increasingly factoring in sustainability when choosing which brands to do business with.

Reduce the amount of product packaging waste – Not only are you reducing the amount of waste, you will also eliminate the use of toxic materials used in the production of the packaging, a major reason why more and more eco-friendly companies are choosing to implement minimalist packaging in the design of new products.

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