Almost two years on from learning to adjust to a global pandemic, the UK population has learned to cope with plunging in and out of various lockdowns, a dipping economy and accepting mask-wearing and self-testing becoming an everyday task in our lives.

ecommerce packaging delayAlong with learning to navigate with the pandemic, the latest crisis in Ukraine is set to increase significant pressure in the coming weeks on the supply of wood used for pallets as packaging production will stop. As reported on Packaging Digest, In 2021 alone, Ukraine produced and exported an estimated 15 million of pallets to mostly Europe, so supply chain disruptions are expected to impact European markets in a consequential domino effect for many ecommerce businesses

As a record number of new businesses were created during the pandemic, ecommerce businesses will now face uncertainty and delays in sourcing ecommerce packaging from orders being shipped across Europe.

Could sustainable packaging be a short and long term answer?

With the uncertainty around Ukraine set to continue, adding in trade sanctions with Russia and now Belarus, sourcing ecommerce packaging from sustainable packaging suppliers in the UK can have both a short and long term solution for your business going forward.

printed mailing bagsReduce your carbon footprint
Okay, so many new start-up businesses will look to source ecommerce packaging from China to try and reduce costs. However, by working with a UK sustainable packaging supplier, you will cut out any air or sea travel included to get your products delivered to you.

Order in smaller quantities
As experts in eco-friendly packaging, Elliott Packaging offers businesses the opportunity to order our mailing bags in a variety of quantities. Our plastic mailing bags can be ordered from as little as 1000 units, with our paper mailing bags starting from as little as 500 units.

Eliminate any mistakes
Not only can this benefit small start-up ecommerce businesses who are looking to place small orders, this also means you as a business get to work with UK-based businesses to ensure quality. Let’s say you place your order from China, not only is it going to take longer to get your products delivered, it’s going to cost a considerable amount to send your ecommerce packaging back if it’s damaged or manufactured wrong.

If you are looking to source your ecommerce packaging from a UK company who are specialists in eco-friendly packaging, Elliott Packaging have been in business for over 25 years and have worked with a variety of businesses from various industries.

Please take a look at our mailing bags for further information, you can also request a price list on all our products.