I’m sure you have heard the expression “sometimes less is more”, well the same expression applies in eco-friendly packaging where minimalist packaging has remained a popular trend over the last couple of years, and we predict for many years to come.

As you might have read in our eco-friendly packaging trends for 2022, we briefly touched on minimalist packaging, but didn’t go into great detail why…

Inside this article, Elliott Packaging will explain why more businesses are turning to minimalist packaging as we look to build the economy from a post-covid outbreak.

Good packaging will influence a consumers decision

minimalist packagingIn a world where we have survived a two-year pandemic, consumers are looking for calm and peace which can easily be reflected with minimalist packaging design any why this has become a trend in 2022.

The key elements of great product design include open communication, understanding the user, and not rushing the wireframes. According to a study, did you know that 72% of consumers stated that a product packaging design has influenced their purchase decisions?

By incorporating minimalist packaging design into your paper mailing bags or plastic mailing bags, simple and appealing packaging design provides easy and clear information so you can make it much easier to capture the eyes of your target audience.

It’s more cost effective…

Minimalist packaging is a cost effective way to promote your business and your products, without appearing cheap or having poorly designed packaging which could potentially put off future customers.

Because your minimalist packaging design will contain few materials used in the manufacturing process, this will reduce any unnecessary space created by oversized or sophisticated packaging. By using less materials, not only will this be more eco-friendly, this also means your choice of mailing bag packaging will be much easier to ship. With less space and weight in your packaging, this will reduce shipping costs when sending out your plastic mailing bags or paper mailing bags out to customers.

It’s More Environmentally Friendly…

Although I have just touched on this, eliminating extra packaging is not only cost-effective from a business perspective, it’s also much more environmentally friendly. By implementing minimalist packaging, this will be much easier to break down the materials and recycle and means your packaging will not be wasted in landfill once used.

By being more environmentally friendly, this will also increase your business credibility and consumer trust in your brand.

Are you ready to talk packaging design?

If you want your packaging to stand out, sometimes less is more and minimalist packaging can still promote your products with numerous advantages.

If you wish to discuss packaging design ideas for your plastic mailing bags or paper mailing bags, please do get in touch with the eco friendly packaging experts.

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