In recent years, we have seen an emergence of minimalist packaging being introduced with businesses wanting to become more environmentally friendly by reducing their carbon footprint.

We’ve also had to navigate through another tricky year of the ongoing pandemic, which has seen further lockdowns, restrictions and shopping habits change. This introduced a high demand in ecommerce packaging, along with businesses looking to make this as green as possible.

Combining this together, eco friendly packaging specialists Elliot Packaging have put together predictions on what will be eco friendly packaging trends for 2022.

Sometimes less can be more with minimalist packaging

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression… less is more? Well when it comes to eco friendly packaging design, in recent years minimalist packaging has become very popular.

Okay so what exactly is minimalist packaging? Minimalist packaging designs do not contain graphic elements that distract consumers from the central focus of the packaging.

Minimalist packaging not only introduces the simplicity into your product packaging design, it also makes your product the focal point for consumers. Not only will minimalist packaging reduce the visual content of your brand, it also promotes the materials used in the creation of your packaging by introducing and promoting sustainable packaging materials.

A surge in reusable packaging

Let’s face it, a business who promotes reusable packaging will help their brand stand out to customers with a good and important message, which will be very well received by consumers.

However, the trend of becoming more ‘eco friendly’, by introducing eco friendly packaging goes far more beyond reusable packaging. With more and more businesses struggling with the current cardboard shortages, this has enforced the need to recycle materials which is why reusable packaging has become such a buzz word within the packaging industry, and why so many companies are rushing to introduce reusable packaging.

The future is now with interactive packaging.

Now more and more online retailers are introducing paperless returns, interactive packaging will become one of the very popular eco friendly packaging trends now shopping habits have drastically changed since covid.

So what is interactive packaging?
When manufacturing your eco friendly packaging, using a QR code on packaging is an inventive way to provide additional information about your product or your business. If a consumer wants to scan the QR code, this will be a quick way to view online information, with interactive packaging offering potential for retailers to use the packaging to communicate their brands values and information on their products.

Personally, this could be one of the most exciting eco friendly packaging trends which could change retail going forward.

It looks like ecommerce packaging is set to stay in 2022

Last year continued the same trends of further lockdowns and restrictions. This contributed largely to the UK significantly changing their shopping habits with consumers now far more likely to to purchase products online instead of the high street.

Due to the complications caused by COVID-19, ecommerce packaging has experienced yet another surge in popularity. This has caused a shift in modern consumer behaviour, with customers expecting a flawless ecommerce experience. Right from the point of ordering, to receiving their goods at the time of delivery.

Speaking as specialists in eco friendly packaging, this has resulted in high demand in our mailing bags products, with paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags reaching an all time high in demand.

Do you agree with our eco friendly packaging trends for 2022? If you would like to discuss any of this packaging or we can help your business in 2022, please do not hesitate to contact Elliott Packaging.