Did you know a typical UK household spends over £700 more in December compared to other months?

According to a report conducted by the Bank of England, on average the UK will spend on average 29% more in December compared to a typical month, as we as a nation look to get into the festive christmas spirit.

Speaking as specialists in eco friendly packaging, we often look to supply both paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags as part of our christmas mailing bags packaging range with businesses looking to promote and brand themselves over the holidays.

However, it’s a different type of plastic packaging which is very popular over the christmas which has come under the spotlight with advent calendar packaging.

Christmas advent calendar packaging come under fire

No matter how old we are, everybody enjoys a christmas advent calendar. As a matter of fact, according to YouGov, slightly under half the adult population (49%), will have opened door number 1 on December 1st this year.

However, it’s not the chocolate consumed that is under the spotlight, it’s the packaging material used to put advent calendars together with consumers being urged to separate plastic, cardboard, and foil and recycle the material where possible.

In the study conducted by Skips & Bins, they have listed both Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme and Reese’s Peanut Butter Miniatures as the least eco friendly packaging Christmas advent calendars with Ferrero’s Kinder advent calendar placing slightly better.

Moving into the best eco friendly packaging advent calendars, the Divine seriously smooth milk fairtrade chocolate takes the crown as the most eco-friendly advent calendar. Boosting the lowest carbon footprint, each advent calendar releases 425g of CO2e per calendar. Both thorntons and milkybar advent calendars round out the top three.

So what can we take away from this?

As a nation who are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint, hopefully making small steps such as taking apart your advent calendar and recycling them properly will make a much wider ripple in the battle for a greener planet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large nationwide business or a brand new e-commerce business, when it comes to mailing bags, you share the same goal of wanting to be as green as possible which is why we offer our christmas mailing bags in eco-friendly materials.

We can’t escape using plastic which is why plastic mailing bags remain so popular, however, you can still order plastic mailing bags which are much more eco-friendly oriented.

At Elliott Packaging, we offer eco friendly mailing bags options which are manufactured so they are either recycled, degradable or have a much lower carbon footprint. For more information, please take a look at our plastic mailing bags range. Along with plastic mailing bags, we also manufacture paper mailing bags which are created using durable brown kraft paper. Our paper suppliers are FSC certified and are 100% fully recyclable. Both our paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags were a part of our christmas mailing bags range this year.

To answer the question of this blog, can christmas mailing bags be eco friendly? Absolutely they can!

Although the deadline has passed on all our christmas mailing bags orders, if you’re thinking of christmas themed mailing bags to promote your business next year, Elliott Packaging please get in touch to discuss your Christmas themed requirements for 2022.