In case you missed it, the primistor was quoted claiming that plastic recycling ‘simply doesn’t work’, a statement which has certainly ruffled a few feathers within the environmentally friendly packaging industry.

Speaking at COP26, the UN’s climate summit, last month, the prime minister was speaking with co-host Tanya Steel, chief executive of the WWF, who was quick to defend recycling and the use of plastic mailing bags. She said “We’ve got to find a way to reduce, reuse and do a bit of recycling. I do think we need some recycling, Prime Minister, and have a system in place to do so.

The comments have certainly caught national attention and have also divided environmental campaigners, which doesn’t exactly help the average consumer trying to make greener choices.

With this in mind, are plastic post bags the enemy? As specialists in environmentally friendly packaging, we offer our thoughts on plastic mailing bags and the impact that they have had on the environment.

You can view the PM speaking at the COP26 below


Does the media influence the negativity of plastic mailing bags?

plastic postal bags, polythene mailing bags or plastic mailing bags, whatever you want to call them, there have always been a negative media barrage of the evils of plastic. However, if you factor in the last 24 months, the covid pandemic that without plastic, there would have been no PPE, no vaccinations and more importantly, little hope for billions of people throughout the world who depend on the barrier properties it offers to keep them both safe and healthy.

As businesses look introspectively to evaluate how sustainable they are, it is paramount not to lose focus on the human side of these decisions. A suitable balance is required based on the needs of products and the impact of product packaging on the environment.

A greener future

Packaging technology is advancing and every day in businesses like ours, technologists are experimenting with different materials to find options that offer a low carbon footprint whilst also being part of the circular economy.

With this in mind, Elliott Packaging is able to manufacture plastic mailing bags in a number of different environmentally friendly packaging. Not only does this mean that you as a business are contributing to reducing your carbon footprint, you can also do so in a cost effective way without compromising the quality of your plastic mailing bag packaging.

We offer mailing bags which are fully degradable, please take a look at our polybatch material specifications for further information, along with low carbon footprint plastic postal bags which are manufactured with plant based products so are both recyclable and renewable.

For further information, please take a look at our plastic post bags.

So now you’ve read our thoughts on plastic mailing bags, do you still believe they are the enemy? We would love to hear your thoughts on why you choose to use plastic post bags.