Statistically, did you know that eco mailing bags have three times less Co2 emissions than plastic mailing bags?

Over recent years, due to changing public sentiment along with changes in government legislation, running your own business in a sustainable way is now no longer a matter of personal preference. Now, more and more customers want the brands they choose to spend money with to engage with being more eco-friendly, and by businesses listening and acting more sustainably, businesses are starting to benefit from being more environmentally friendly since covid-19.

So what are the leading experts saying?

According to research conducted by Barlcays, a study recently revealed that 75% of UK businesses are benefiting commercially after going green.

Furthermore, One third of businesses surveyed by Barclays reported lower business costs as a result of their green investments. 27% of businesses believed that their actions would help their company gain “environmentally responsible” status in the marketplace.

E-Commerce figures reach peak records

When the UK government enforced the closure of nonessential retail stores as part of strict lockdown measures mid 2020 and again this year in 2021, this meant several different things for both local and national businesses.

Firstly, the whole dynamic of customer shopping habits have now completely changed. Even with lockdown restrictions easing and eventually being lifted, new and returning customers are still choosing to place orders from the comfort of their own homes.

For most local businesses, particularly within the food and drink industry, the last 18 months have proven they have needed to quickly adapt and change to the ever-changing situations by allowing customers to order their products online, or to offer a click and collect service.

Because of this, many small businesses have needed to invest in implementing an online store for customers to place orders, along with needing to provide mailing bags packaging to send the products which wasn an opportunity to look at eco friendly mailing bags and other alternative eco mailing products.

Your guide to eco mailing bags.

Are you looking for further information on our eco mailing bags products? Our paper mailing bags are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The paper we use to manufacture your packaging is also sourced from sustainable paper mills in Europe.

A paper mailing bag also has three times less Co2 emissions than plastic mailing bags. As a matter of fact, the entire mailing bag product is completely eco-friendly and the virgin paper used in our paper mailing bags can then be recycled up to five times.

Furthermore, all our eco mailing bags products, including our plastic mailing bags are all manufactured locally in the UK. Not only do we use non-toxic, water based inks and glue, but because they are manufactured in the UK, this will also reduce carbon emissions because competitor eco-friendly packaging companies will source and manufacture products in Europe, so this already cuts down on importing products.

Along with helping to reduce carbon emissions, we also provide printing and branding on all our eco mailing bags products. If you have seasonal marketing material for Christmas, or just want to simply show off your branding colours, we can manufacture your eco-friendly mailing bags so not only will your customers love them, people who handle your order will also be exposed to your brand.

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