sustainable mailing bags climate change It’s been well documented for years that climate change is having a disastrous effect on the globe, contributing to disrupting natural systems, rising sea levels and much more.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, evidence suggests climate change is responsible for the globe getting hotter. Studies have shown the warmest 20 years on record have been recorded over the last 22 years, with the two of the warmest years on record occurring as recently as 2015 and 2018.

To try and combat climate change, governmental action and environmental laws have been implemented in several countries which has included introducing Net Zero.

Okay, What is Net Zero?

So what does Net Zero exactly mean, well Net Zero is a phrase coined to introduce the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. By achieving Net Zero, this simply means achieving the correct balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out.

Along with looking to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the UK became the world’s first major economy to set a target of being net zero by 2050.

How can we look to reduce climate change?

Ultimately, we can look to reduce climate change by lowering the emissions we are sending into the atmosphere, from activities such as industrial processes, power generation, transport and remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

compostable carrier bags sustainabilityWhat changes can small businesses make to contribute?

Are you a small business or a one of the new 400,000 start-up businesses created over the pandemic who are looking to make small changes?

By making small changes, we’re not expecting to change the world, we’re just looking to contribute and do our bit to help reduce climate change. By introducing sustainable mailing bags, the recycling and collection rate for sustainable material such as paper mailing bags and cardboard is the highest of any packaging material at 85.8% and 92.5%.

Choosing to work with eco-friendly packaging manufacturers to supply sustainable mailing bags also offer a number of benefits on the environment including;

  • Sometimes you just can’t avoid using plastic mailing bags, that’s why Elliott Packaging offer recyclable, degradable, low carbon footprint eco-mailing bags alternatives so you can reduce carbon emissions and maintain the integrity of the packaging of your products. Take a look at our plastic mailing bags.
  • Because we manufacture our sustainable packaging locally, not not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, it also means we are reducing your because your orders aren’t being shipped from across Europe.
  • From large national chains to new start businesses, Elliott Packaging have worked with and guided all sizes businesses from different sectors in helping to easily switch to sustainable mailing bags and packaging.

Are you looking to make the switch to sustainable packaging and sustainable mailing bags today? Here’s a handy introduction to eco-friendly packaging mailing bags

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