Looking back over the past 18 months, the covid-19 pandemic has provided mixed fortunes for many businesses across the UK.

Although almost every business has faced an uncertain and exceptionally hard time, certain industries such as the beauty and tourism sections have aggressively struggled because of the difficulties of adapting to change. Even national brands such as Debenhams and Topshop have had to permanently close their doors on the highstreet.

According to data from the office of national statistics, a total of 396,115 businesses closed their doors in 2020.

However other industries have bucked the trend, experiencing sharp rises in demand. With e-commerce figures reaching record heights in the UK, other industries such as food delivery services and recipe boxes have demonstrated a record number of sales.

Over 400,000 new businesses have been created and flourished.

customized mailing bags

Example of customized mailing bags for a brand new business

One positive trend that has come from this is the surge in new businesses that have been created over lockdown. Over 400,00 new businesses were created over the last 12 months, according to research, with further success created in France, Japan and the USA.

As a new business having to adapt and evolve to customer shopping habits where customers prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes or on the move, this has meant businesses have had to adapt to selling products online, with many needing their own customized mailing bags to send out products, whilst maintaining a marketing and branding presence by sending goods through the post.

Having helped and guided new businesses with their very first paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags during the pandemic, Elliott Packaging are delighted to welcome a new business who were thrilled with their new customized mailing bags.

“Elliott Packaging has been great in helping us produce our first own branded packaging. The service we have received from Nick and Elliott Packaging has been superb. They have advised us and worked with us throughout the process, and we are extremely happy with our new customized mailing bags. The quality is exceptional!”

Create your first branded packaging with Elliott Packaging.

Are you a brand new start-up business looking to make a name for yourself, or even an established business looking to promote your products now you sell them online?

Elliott Packaging manufactures both plastic mailing bags and paper mailing bags with optional printing to promote your business. The majority of our mailings bags are either recyclable or compostable so we can help deliver eco-friendly mailing bags.

If you are a new business, we can also help assist and guide you through the whole process with the design and branding of your mailing bags to truly create customized mailing bags that are branded and bespoke to your business.

For more information, please take a look at our mailing bags range to see which is best suited for your business needs. Once you have decided, please contact Elliott Packaging where we will be more than happy to help assist you with your mailing bag packaging.