A lot has changed over the last 18 months following the global pandemic. Consumer shopping habits have certainly transformed with customers being forced to shop online due to national lockdown restrictions which has resulted in both businesses having to adapt to this change and resulting in record breaking ecommerce sales in 2020.

However, it’s not just ecommerce sales that have grown over the last 18 months.

According to research, 2020 oversaw an estimated 12% growth in new businesses compared to the previous year, with the pandemic resulting in more than 85,000 online businesses being established during the height of the national lockdown last year.

With this in mind, are you looking to establish a new business or looking for suitable ecommerce packaging to send your content through the post to your customers?

An introduction to the different types of mailing bags products

Paper Mailing Bags
With recyclable, degradable and compostable options, our paper mailing bags are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to send your products through the post with a number of key benefits for new online businesses including;

  • Manufactured using brown kraft paper with are FSC certified.
  • Include two adhesive strips so customers can open and reseal any content to send back for a quick, hassle free return process.
  • Order quantities from as little as 500 units, perfect for new and smaller orders.

For further information, please take a look at our paper mailing bags.

Plastic Mailing Bags
Along with paper mailing bags, we also provide both plain and printed plastic mailing bags, with a number of eco-friendly plastic mailing bag material options available to choose from. Again, this particular type of mailing bags also offer a number of advantages including;

  • Durable material and weather resistant to survive heavy transportation
  • Eligible for printing with up to 10 different spot colours
  • Available to manufacture in 5 different types of plastic materials.
  • Our minimum order quantities start from as little as 1000 units.

For further information, please take a look at our plastic mailing bags.

Why trust Elliott Packaging with your mailing bags and ecommerce packaging?

ecommerce packaging front

ecommerce packaging – front example

Because of how the last 18 months have changed online shopping habits, this has also resulted in Elliott Packaging having to increase manufacturing of all our mailing bags and ecommerce packaging products to keep up with market demand. Working with a number of both small and large ecommerce companies, Elliott Packaging also recorded record breaking numbers so are more than happy to help out new businesses with recommendations and advice on any of our mailing bags or ecommerce packaging products.

If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging, Elliott Packaging tick all the correct boxes.

All of our mailing bags and ecommerce packaging that we supply today have good eco-friendly credentials, both our fully compostable paper mailing bags (sourced from sustainable forests) and our (carbon friendly) fully recyclable polythene mailing bags are not harmful to the environment as the market demands completely eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Both kinds of our eco-friendly mailing bags (paper and polythene) can be manufactured in any size/colour and can be printed in any given design, ideal for new businesses who are looking for their first ecommerce packaging products. Each of our mailing bags can be completely bespoke which enables the customer to brand their own packaging, so it can really help get your branding, marketing and company profile out there when sending content through the post.

ecommerce packaging back example

ecommerce packaging back with adhesive self seal strip

Because Elliott Packaging is also a UK-based company, this means we can provide FREE shipping on all our mailing bags, including paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags. Again, this also has a positive impact on the environment because we are not having to ship any content to/from Europe which is why we can offer free shipping on all UK orders.