In recent news to make eco-friendly packaging headlines, major retail discount chain Lidl UK have announced plans to help shoppers become ‘greener’ by introducing a eco-score labelling system on it’s own products.

Rolling out in October 2021 across over 100 stores in Scotland, Lidl UK will apply eco-score labelling to over 50 if it’s own brand product packaging which includes items such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate amongst others.

As specialists in eco-friendly packaging, we at Elliott Packaging were curious to find out what this means to educate customers.

What is Eco-Score labelling?

Using open-source data, Eco-Score independently grades products on their sustainability packaging credentials and assigns a colour code ranging from green ‘A’, to red ‘E’ to better educate shoppers of their environmental footprint when purchasing items in the supermarket.

To grade a product, Eco-Score independently assesses various factors including production methods, impact on biodiversity, packaging and carbon footprint. Products also receive better scores where they are certified to third party schemes such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance and Lidl UK plans to use the scheme to promote its commitment to sourcing 100% of its key raw materials.

stand up pouches

Eco-Friendly supermarket packaging

Many of our existing customers provide products which are displayed on the supermarket shelves. Because of this, we have needed to create sustainable packaging products which maintain the integrity of the packaging, but also help to reduce carbon emissions.

If you are looking for eco-friendly supermarket packaging, Elliott Packaging can recommend the following products;

Stand Up Pouches

Elliott Packaging are now able to offer a complete recyclable version of our stand up pouches.

This particular type of supermarket packaging is our most popular, purely because of its versatility of both protecting and storing hot, cold and wet/dry content. Furthermore, our stand up pouches are also highly suitable for any products needing a barrier, regardless of if that’s sitting on a supermarket shelf or sending goods through the post.

food pouch packaging

Food Pouches

As the name suggests, our food pouches are also a very popular option in the supermarkets and as part of our sustainable packaging products range.

Similar to stand up pouches in helping to protect and store hot, cold and dry/wet food, this particular type of supermarket packaging also allows you to reseal your content which is great for ecommerce packaging for businesses who sent food products through the post. Our food pouches are also widely used to package animal food along with medical and nutritional supplements.

Options: ecommerce packaging

Are you a new online business or have had to introduce an ecommerce store due to a shift in shopping habits due to the ongoing pandemic? If you are looking for sustainable packaging products where you can send content through the post, along with our stand up pouches and food pouches, we also provide mailings with our most popular choices: paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags.

With recyclable, degradable and compostable options, our paper mailing bags are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to send your products through the post with a number of key benefits for new online businesses. For more information, please take a look at our paper mailing bags products.

If you are looking for something a little more durable, with the material more weather resistant and tougher to handle heavy transportation, we also provide both plain and printed plastic mailing bags, with a number of eco-friendly plastic mailing bag material options available to choose from. Again, please take a look at our plastic mailing bags for more information.

If you are interested in any of our sustainable packaging products and would like to get started on your order today, please to not hesitate to submit your enquiry or give us a call on 01606 350 036