Several years ago, going ‘green’ or looking to reduce your carbon footprint was something only a niche or a forward thinking business would promote to try and be different from competition. Being truthful, using products such as biodegradable mailer bags were looked down upon, with businesses not seeing the numerous benefits associated with switching.

Fast forward to today, and using and promoting biodegradable, compostable or any form of eco-friendly packaging is widely accepted and becoming the standard. More and more businesses across the UK are becoming more increasingly aware of the impact of plastic and other non-recyclable materials.

Although some larger UK businesses still struggle to make the transition, recently Elliott Packaging helped a large UK fulfillment company make the switch to biodegradable mailer bags by making the process as smooth as possible;

“As a long standing customer I have always been impressed with the quality of the mailing bags and have never experienced any quality issues like we had with other companies. When I decided to transition to compostable mailing bags, Elliott Packaging helped me through the process and provided us with this solution.”

compostable carrier bagsCompostable mailing bags

Although you can get compostable mailing bags, Elliott Packaging does provide compostable carrier bags. Compostable packaging is made of materials that are able to disintegrate back into the environment without releasing harmful chemicals.

Made using potato starch, compostable carrier bags will completely disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within 10-12 weeks to significantly reduce carbon footprint. Along with being certified home compostable, our compostable packaging also complies with European Standard EN13432.

Biodegradable packaging

Just like compostable mailing bags, biodegradable packaging materials also break down into the environment. However, unlike compostable materials which require a specific setting (either at home or in an industrial composting plant), biodegradable materials break down naturally over time which is the main difference between the two materials.

As eco-friendly packaging specialists, Elliott Packaging offers biodegradable options on our plastic mailing bags including; Take a look at our plastic mailing bags for more information.

Recyclable – All of our mailing bags can be recycled in recycle banks.

Degradable – We offer mailing bags which are fully degradable.

Low Carbon Footprint – We can provide mailing bags with a low carbon footprint which are made from plant based products. These bags are fully recyclable and are renewable.

Are you looking to make the switch to biodegradable mailer bags? Elliott Packaging are experts in eco-friendly packaging who can make the transition effortlessly smooth for your business.

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