In recent packaging news to hit the headlines, national grocery retailers The Co-Op are urging shoppers who forget their reusable shopping bags to make use of their EN 13432 certified compostable carrier bags, which have a secondary use as food waste caddy liners.

With Wales and Northern Ireland already introducing universal food waste collections, the government have also introduced plans to have separate food waste collection across England by 2023, under the consistency of household waste collection consultation.

The Co-Op have also made more significant changes by also launching an in-store recycling scheme for plastic bags, it’s great to see national retailer chains looking to pioneer their efforts to reduce carbon footprint so significantly.

What is EN 13432 certified compostable packaging?

EN 1342 compostable packaging certification ensures that the carrier bag can be industrially composted and disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegradable after six months. Not only will this include the plastic carrier bag, this also means all other components of the product are compostable so this will also include colours, labes, glue etc etc..

So what are the benefits of compostable carrier bags?

compostable carrier bagsWith businesses more concerned about how they are affecting the environment and looking to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, compostable packaging provides an alternative, greener version of packaging which will break down over time, so you do not need to worry that it will sit in landfill for eternity.

Did you know all paper carrier bags and mailing bags supplied by Elliott Packaging are compostable?

All of our compostable packaging is manufactured from natural, renewable resources containing sugar cane, potato starch and other renewable resources that can be converted into chemicals and polymers using conversion processes similar to those of traditional polythene.

A typically common question we are asked is if choosing compostable carrier bags are weaker than normal carrier bags. Well, compostable packaging is just as strong and durable so are more than capable of protecting content when sent out through the post, or walking down the high street with your weekly food shop. For further information, please take a look at our compostable carrier bags

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