The best eco-friendly recyclable mailing bags are those that are manufactured from paper. Sometimes plastic packaging is unavoidable so there are mailing bags made from polythene (or plastic) that can also be manufactured and also be recycled too!

Mailing bags that are made from paper and lined with polythene bubble wrap can be also be considered as recycled mailing bags, so long as the bubble wrap and the paper outer can be separated and put in their respective recycling bins.

These types of mailing bags can be used for a wide variety of items and offer a great degree of protection from dust and dirt as well as the rough and tumble of being posted and/or couriered.

Polythene mailing bags, also known as poly mailing bags, make for ideal recyclable postage bags too as they can be recycled in the single use plastic channels, where they are taken away, shredded, melted down and turned into new bags.

These bags can’t easily be composted, but as long as they are put into the correct recycling channel, they can be readily recycled for reuse, making them ideal mailing bag options.

Available in a range of sizes, these bags are ideal for a range of goods including clothing, some non-fragile electricals such as charging cables and much more.

The best mailing bags that have been recycled

The best mailing bags that have been recycled are those that are made from recycled polyethylene and polyethylene bubble wrap.

These bags have been created from pre-used material – often bags that have been used already that have then been shredded, melted down and reformed – and mean that if you need to use plastic mailing bags or poly mailing bags, you can make sure that they are part of our eco-friendly mailing bags range.

There are other eco-friendly solutions made from recycled materials that include lay-flat tubing. Together with recycled shrink wrap and eco-friendly tape, the options for keeping your packaging eco-responsible are far reaching.

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