According to data research, almost 75% of consumers are willing to pay for eco-friendly mailing bags, or at least some kind of sustainable packaging alternative.

With more and more businesses looking to reduce carbon footprint and introduce a more ‘greener’ initiative solution, it can become a confusing topic on what mailing bag packaging you need to achieve this. With this in mind, Elliott Packaging have put together a very helpful guide to eco-friendly mailing to hopefully address and answer any questions you may have.

Introduction to paper mailing bags

Elliott Packaging are able to manufacture and supply a full range of both film and paper eco-friendly mailing bags.

With e-commerce sales reaching record figures over the last 12 months, shopping habits have changed with customers more than happy to shop from their own home. With this in mind, more and more businesses have needed to adapt to this by either introducing online shopping, or increasing efforts to keep up with demand.

If you are looking to send your products through the post but are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, our paper mailing bags are 100% opaque so your products will not be visible through the material during transit. Furthermore, both our paper mailing bags and film mailing bags are both durable and water resistant to a degree. This particular type of mailing bag will be more than capable of being exposed to the weather elements when in transition of being sent to customers.

Introduction to plastic mailing bags

Although many businesses will only want to use paper mailing bags, or paper-based packaging to reduce carbon footprint, some businesses simply cannot avoid plastic mailing bags or plastic packaging. Did you know that you can still order eco-friendly plastic mailing bag packaging?

With orders starting from as little as 1000 units, Elliott Packaging offer eco-friendly alternatives including low carbon footprint plastic mailing bags, along with fully degradable options, please take a look at our polybatch material specifications. Please take a look at our plastic mailing bags for further details.

Eco-Friendly Packaging TypeProduct DescriptionOrder QuantityEco-Friendly OptionsPrinting Available?Lead Times
paper mailing bagsPaper Mailing Bag PackagingMinimum order – 500 unitesFully sustainable FSC grade papers, durable brown kraft paper.Yes, available to print in one colour on either one or both sides. Perfect to promote your packaging with branding or latest marketing material colours.Roughly 3-4 weeks from approved sign-off of Artwork, with FREE UK delivery.
plastic mailing bagsPlastic Mailing BagsMinimum order – 1000 unitesFully recyclable, degradable and low carbon footprint options available. Yes, available to print with up to 10 spot colours or process print both sides.3-4 weeks from approved sign-off of Artwork, with FREE UK delivery.

Our eco-friendly mailing bag product specifications

Our range of mailing bags are all produced from either fully sustainable FSC grade papers or specially blended eco-friendly film grades which include recycled film, recyclable film and 100% biodegradable film, hence why we are the only company able to offer a complete range of totally environmentally mailing bags.

Are you ready to place your first order with Elliott Packaging?

Whatever your product or requirement is, we will be able to find a solution ideal for you.

As one of the largest UK manufacturers of mailing bags our prices are extremely competitive so this helps the end user to keep their costs as low as possible.

We are able to offer quantities as low as 500 (depending on the material type) and as high as 10 million, short lead times combined with the very best customer care in the industry help make Elliott Packaging the ideal choice as the perfect mailing bag supplier.