Did you know the UK are the word leaders in sustainable packaging? Following a £60 million investment from the government, packaging manufacturers now generate annual sales of around £11 billion. To add to this, data also reports that approximately ⅓ of Brits now make a conscious effort to buy fewer goods that have packaging that can’t be fully recycled.

With this in mind, more UK based businesses are becoming more concerned about their carbon footprint with roughly 74% of consumers even willing to pay more for sustainable packaging products such as paper mailing bags.

Also known as kraft paper bags, paper mailer bags or whatever else you want to call, inside this blog, I will provide you with everything you need to know about our paper mailer bags and how you can switch today. Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

More sustainable option

Paper Mailing Bag PackagingIgnoring sustainability and the environment continues to be a growing global concern. However, more businesses are paying more attention to environmental issues and with this, want to align their everyday buying decisions to match their values. Making a conscious choice to use eco-friendly paper mailing bags is a good business choice. This small change will help you position your brand in a positive light and set your company apart from competitors.

Cost effective choice

Many businesses assume making the switch to sustainable packaging will actually cost more to manufacture. Well the truth is, the greener, more environmentally friendly choice doesn’t cost more. As a matter of fact, our paper mailing bags are extremely affordable, priced very competitively and a great alternative to standard polythene mailing bags.

With orders starting from as little as 250 units, our paper mailing bags are proving to be a popular choice for new businesses, especially e-commerce based businesses, so you can opt for more eco-friendly paper mailing bags without it breaking the bank.

Strong, durable material

The myths usually associated with sustainability packaging is they are not as strong and easily fall apart when exposed to water but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

As a matter of fact, our paper mailer bags are fully robust, water-resistant and are manufactured from heavy-duty one or two ply kraft paper which is not only 100% recyclable and biodegradable – it’s also both strong and durable so it more than capable of shipping non-fragile items such as clothing, stationery amongst other items.

E-commerce sector

You’ve probably seen the statistics, due to the ongoing pandemic, customer shopping habits have drastically switched to online sales, with e-commerce sales growing by 46% over the past 12 months.

paper mailer bags

With these trends set to stay for the foreseeable future, online businesses are switching to kraft paper bags and paper mailer bags because of the numerous advantages they provide. By switching to paper mailing bags instead of traditional boxes, this both saves money and reduces unnecessary waste in the process. Furthermore, our paper mailing bags feature an adhesive strip so not only are products easier to pack, it also makes the process of returns through the post much easier. To add to this, paper mailer bags are designed to fit closely around products, securing the items for safe transit without the need for additional packaging such as bubble wrap or packaging paper.

Branded paper bags

Looking to add a little colour to your paper mailing bags? Not a problem, our kraft paper mailing bags can be printed in one colour on or both sides of the bags depending on the specifications.

When you think about it, if you’re sending products through the post, it will pass through many hands before it reaches its final destination. By adding colour, you can stand out from your competitors and make a statement about being different and/or more eco-friendly.

To get started on your kraft paper bags order today, simply contact Elliott Packaging. By filling out our enquiry form, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible where we can discuss your no-obligation quote in further detail.