Elliott Packaging are delighted to announce that production of our mailing bags will continue to meet increasing demand as orders continue to hit record levels! Compared to the previous financial year, sales of our environmentally friendly mailing bags, biodegradable mailing bags and paper mailing bags are roughly 45% higher for the first 6 months of trading (November – April) of the financial year.

Why is there more demand for environmentally friendly mailing bags?

There are several factors why mailing bags have been in high demand over the last 12 months. With consumers shopping online out of necessity, businesses including ourselves were forced printed mailing bagsto rapidly change their strategies as a result. By adapting to e-commerce sales, sales for certain products from our mailing bags range including eco friendly mailing bags, kraft paper mailing bags and biodegradable mailing bags have proven to be a very popular choice amongst online retailers.

Not only are online sales figures at an all time high, according to research conducted by Natwest, since the pandemic began, 46% of UK consumers purchased a product online that they had previously only ever purchased in store.

If you consider consumers are purchasing products online, you as a business need to provide the alternative incase they change their mind, or find fault with the product and need to return them. With eco friendly options available, Elliott Packaging have also seen a surge in our paper mailing bags. With the ability to add two adhesive strips into the design of our kraft paper mailing bags, this means that once the customer has opened the packaging, they can easily reseal and reuse the packaging to send through the post for returns.

Why should you choose Elliott Packaging?

Not only are the majority of our mailing bags eco friendly mailing bags, we are based in the UK and manufacture all our packaging within the UK, this enables us to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, which is something more and more businesses are becoming more aware of.

Both types of our eco friendly bags, so paper mailing bags and our polythene mailing bags, can be manufactured to any given to any specification. This means they can be made in multiple and made to measure sizes and printed with any given design. 95% of our customers who order our mailing bags decide to turn these into printed mailing bags, using bespoke designs as a great way to promote and market your business.

Although out-put has increased massively, investment has been made to ensure that supply can easily meet the demand so lead times on biodegradable mailing bags and our mailing bags range are still relatively short and prices remain extremely competitive.

If you are looking to order any of our environmentally friendly mailing bags products, such as our biodegradable mailing bags or custom mailing, please do not hesitate to contact Elliott Packaging. You can also give us a call on 01606 350 036 or you can speak to our sales team using the live chat facilities.