laminated pouches

Elliott Packaging were recently approached by Mummy Gummies, an online-based premium vegan CBD gummy sweet supplier, about completely revamping their current sweet packaging.

Dedicated to providing only the highest quality products, Mummy Gummies live by the moto of ‘less of the stress’, so it was extremely important as a brand that the eco-friendly packaging mirrored this with a calming influence. After much deliberation, packaging that would offer good barrier properties were considered essential so laminated pouches from our pouch packaging range were chosen as the ideal solution.

The versatility of stand up pouch packaging

Because of its versatility of protecting and sealing hot, cold, wet or dry products along with prolonging extended shelf life, stand up pouch packaging are the most popular and cost-effective pouch packaging style. Because the pouch packaging can be manufactured in a variety of different material choices, stand up pouches offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and print.

stand up pouch packagingWanting to implement a calming and relaxing packaging design, the toned design was critical to the laminated pouches, along with implanting branding on the reverse of the pack. With two different flavours, the pouch packaging was manufactured in two different colours with reverse (gravure) printing implemented on the outer PET film to produce perfect results.

With Mummy Gummies delighted with the final design, the laminated pouches were manufactured and delivered on time and are now an essential element of the products ability to sell.

Why are new businesses turning to stand up pouch packaging?

Are you a new online business who exclusively sends products through the post? Well stand up pouch packaging are one of the most popular and cost effective pouch packaging on the market. With its ability to protect any kind of content, ranging from liquid to dry products, the added barriers within the packaging inside also promote an extended shelf life, meaning this type of eco-friendly packaging is perfect to store food and sell them within a supermarket.

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