Let’s face it, the British love a cuppa tea! As a matter of fact, the British population drink approximately 100 million cups every day!

We do love a tea break here at Elliott Packaging so we were delighted to help when one of the UK’s largest tea importers recently enquired about our stand up pouches. Wanting an innovative design, Elliott Packaging created an idea where the laminated stand up pouches were printed all over, including the brand’s iconic lion image incorporated into the design of the packaging. The image is reverse printed on the inside of the pouch that will become visible (through the clear window) as the tea level reduces.

The versatility of stand up pouches

These laminated stand up pouches have been produced using a two layer construction which consists of 12mu PET (polyester) and 70mu LDPE (low density polythene). With a range of handles to choose from with stand up pouches, the client opted for a grip-seal closure which means the pack can be released once opened. This helps keep the content fresh and extends shelf life which is why you see this type of pouch packaging on supermarket shelves.

laminated stand up pouches

Due to the ongoing pandemic, more and more businesses are having to adapt to selling products through e-commerce stores. Both laminated pouches and stand up pouches are perfect choices because they can be manufactured in a variety of different materials, all of which are suitable for protecting both dry and liquid based products. Elliott Packaging can also add an extended barrier to increase shelf life.

The stand up pouches were supplied in 6 weeks and are already in store.

For more information on our stand up pouches, please visit our products page.

Printed Pouches

Regardless of which handle or material you use, our stand up poaches are eligible for printing so are perfect to promote your brand or latest marketing material. Please read through our pouch packaging FAQ’s for further information.

To get started on your laminated pouches or stand up pouches order today, simply contact the eco friendly packaging experts for a no-obligation enquiry. You can also speak to a member of our sales team by using the live chat facility.