With 2020 winding down and during to a close, Elliott Packaging continue to provide record quantities of our mailing bag products. Throughout the year, both our paper mailing bags and eco-friendly polythene mailing bags have been in high demand as businesses have had to adapt to increasing e-commerce and online sales.

Well, having confirmed their first order this week, Elliott Packaging are delighted to welcome a new large online clothing retailer as our latest customers. Due to festive sales, production has begun to manufacture over 200,000 double ply paper mailing bags to meet high demands.

Double ply kraft mailing bags


Paper Mailing Bags. Eco friendly paper mailing bag.

Paper Mailing Bags. Eco friendly paper mailing bag.

Also known as heavy duty mailing bags, our double ply kraft mailing bags are stronger, more durable compared to standard kraft mailing bags. With the additional material, these types of mailing bags are also more capable to battle the weather elements when dispatched through the post or when left outside when being delivered. If you are looking to reduce your eco-footprint, these heavy duty mailing bags are also eco-friendly by being manufactured by responsibly sourced paper, so make a great alternative to polythene mailing bags.

Want to add your branding or latest marketing material? Not a problem, all our paper mailing bag products are eligible for printing. Our heavy duty mailing bags can be printed in one colour both single or double sided. This is perfect to promote your brand when sending your products through the post. If you have any questions on our printed mailing bags services, please visit our mailing bags FAQ’s.

Need more information or ready to place your order?

Due to recent tier restrictions and the festive holidays approaching, Elliott Packaging have recently increased capacity to cope with the extra demands. Because of this, Elliott Packaging are already welcoming new mailing bag orders and already have plans in place to take the business further in 2021.

Furthermore, all our paper mailing bags and plastic mailing bags products, including our heavy duty mailing bags are all manufactured in the UK. This means they are available within a shorter turnaround and made to order to each individual customer’s exact specifications.

To get started on your order or for more information, please speak to our sales advisors by using the online chat facilities or you can submit an enquiry where we will look to respond as quickly as possible.