Due to overwhelming demand, Elliott Packaging are delighted to announce that we have recently increased all kraft paper mailing bag production to around the clock output to keep up with and meet increased orders

Because of continuous, unprecedented mailing bags orders, our eco friendly packaging facilities are now ideally placed to meet extra demands that have increased throughout 2020. In particular, kraft paper bags have reached an all time high with sales set to continue to increase as we start to enter the busy festive season.

Why are businesses turning to kraft paper mailing bags?

kraft paper mailing bags exampleThere are many different reasons and scenarios why businesses are turning to kraft paper mailing bags, but there are two major factors in making the switch now.

Firstly, the global pandemic has changed how people shop. With a national lockdown, restrictions and people having to quarantine, the ease of shopping from home or on your phone has changed how people shop online with sales reaching record levels across all market sectors. If you also factor in impulsive buying decisions, online sales have reached a record high of 32% this year. With these figures set to maintain throughout 2020, more and more businesses have to keep up with demand to sell products through e-commerce channels and shipping goods through the post using kraft paper mailing bags along with other mailing bags products.

More and more businesses are also very conscious of their eco-footprint and making a small switch from plastic mailing bags to kraft paper mailing bags. With orders starting from as little as 250 units, our kraft paper bags are fully 100% compostable.

The festive season is approaching

Although businesses tend to choose kraft paper bags, Elliott Packaging also manufacture eco-friendly polythene mailing bags. Not only are you making a conscious effort for the environment, they are also more practical for more robust/waterproof products when shipping through the post.

Both kinds of mailing bags, kraft paper bags and polythene mailing bags, are bespoke and can be manufactured in any given size and are also eligible as part of our printed mailing bags options.

With the festive season approaching, now would be the perfect time to act and order your mailing bags packaging with bespoke Christmas themed designs. Both our kraft paper bags and polythene mailing bags can be designed with up to 8 spot colours so you can easily brand your business, latest marketing strategy or each individual product.

Get your order placed today

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