Over the peak of the pandemic outbreak, statistics have shown British retail sales have plummeted by record figures of over 18.1%. Although the growth of supermarkets sales and the reopening of non-essential high street stores in July are showing very early signs of a slow recovery, online spend have reached an all time high.

So what does this mean for the online, e-commerce sector? Well with uncertainly and the risk of a second wave, in the lead up to Christmas, 58% of UK consumers say they are shopping more online than they did before COVID-19 and will continue to do so.

With these figures in mind, have you considered postal mailing bags as an alternative to help your business survive?

Having seen record online sales at Elliott Packaging, inside this article, we will explain why more and more consumers are turning to retail during this global pandemic. Plus, we will also explain the various different types of postal mailing bags you can use for your products.

Why are shoppers turning to online spend?

Impulsive Shopping Habits – Ever been bored and finding yourself window shopping on your phone? Well if your business offers a full online shopping experience, why not take advantage of impulsive shopping habits. Did you know the majority of impulsive online shoppers make spontaneous purchases at least once a month? Roughly 64.9% of the UK population

Competitive Pricing – Thanks to Google Shopping, you can easily search products and compare pricing to get yourself the best deal. With some businesses not having a physical location such as a shop, online retailers can afford to cut the cost of online products so they are cheaper and offer competitive pricing.

User Friendly Experience – Today, the modern e-commerce website will make the website as customer friendly as possible to offer a first rate user experience. Leaving no stone unturned, e-commerce websites will make the buying process as easy as possible to act on impulsive purchases by offering related products, user reviews and product testimonials.

What type of postal mailing bags do you offer?

Plastic Mailing Bags

Even if your business doesn’t have a fancy online store, you can still take orders from customers online via a contact form, then sending out their order through the post.

As specialists in eco-friendly mailing bags, Elliott Packaging are able to offer each of our mailing bags products in two different choice of styles which are plastic mailing bags or paper mailing bags.

Plastic Mailing Bags

Offering both plain and custom print plastic mailing bags, our plastic mailing bags are a very safe, secure and cost-effective way to send goods and products through the post. Not only are the products safe from being exposed to weather elements, they can also act as an extra barrier to protect the content from being damaged e.g. clothing from being ripped.

paper mailing bagsPaper Mailing Bags

Known as an alternative to plastic mailing bags, paper mailing bags are becoming increasingly popular because they are sturdy, can be printed on and are fully compostable. With orders starting from as little as 250 units, paper mailing bags are perfect new, online and start-up businesses that are perhaps new to selling content online.

Both our postal mailing bag options are available as printed mailing bags options. Not only can you promote your branding, you can also take this opportunity to promote your latest marketing activity not only to the customer when they receive the content but also when it changes hands being delivered to your address.

Have any questions about our postal mailing bags or would like to place an order? You can either submit an enquiry or easily speak to our sales advisors by using the online chat facility.