With so much confusion and negativity surrounding these unprecedented and scary times, sometimes it’s good to shout about the positive things, no matter how small.

Over the last week, Elliott Packaging were delighted to receive an order from a brand new customer who will be supplying the NHS with 100,000 face masks. With the NHS fighting on the frontline to protect the UK, and with lack of supplies well documented in the media recently, this is certainly good news to shout about!

Although we don’t have any designs or a prototype to provide you with just yet, the specification will be 50 micron clear cast polypropylene bags which will be manufactured in a bespoke design. Printed in four different colours, these polypropylene bags will be 100% recyclable so are fully environmentally friendly with the order expected to be repeated on a regular basis going forward.

How poly bags will help protect NHS face masks

Both air-tight and perfect for adding a barrier to prevent your products from being exposed, polypropylene bags are perfect to protect equipment that can be exposed to spoiling or infection.

Created using a clear and crisp material, clear polypropylene bags can be manufactured in a variety of thickness, usually starting from around 40 micron to 110 micron. The additional thickness will help protect and seal these face masks so NHS workers have peace of mind when opening the packaging and using these face masks.

polypropylene bagsAre you looking to order clear polypropylene bags for your products? Many of our poly bags have been created to use in a number of different industries including supermarkets, retail, publications, photography, art and crafts.

Each of our polypropylene bags can have added extra handle and seal options including;

  • Adhesive strips, permanent or resealable.
  • Euro slots
  • Plastic Hooks (Euro Hooks)
  • Lateral Seals
  • Grip Seals

For more information on our clear polypropylene bags or to place your order, you can contact Elliott Packaging by submitting an enquiry where a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. Alternately, if you would like to speak to our sales advisors, please use our ‘Live Chat’ facilities for an instant response and for a more accurate quote. Stay safe and we will see you all soon.