During this time of unprecedented disruption, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a nationwide work-from-home experiment for the majority of the UK.

Okay, so while the transition may be simpler for certain industries, for others it is simply impossible to function from home and have found ways to adapt to the situation. For example, the hospitality industry such as restaurants provides take-away or delivery only options with many retailers offering only click-and-collect or home delivery as a way to keep surviving.

The UK Government has also stressed that it is still important for the economy for businesses to carry on. Today, a number of changes have been implemented where some businesses will open its doors such as garden centres and construction work.

As eco friendly packaging specialists, our sales team are all still fully operational and are currently working remotely from their homes. Our different manufacturing sites are still in full production, this has been critical to maintain as we supply a lot of bags into the NHS which are crucial to our hospitals.

Are you looking to get your business back up and running? Have you considered plastic postal bags as a way to send your products/content through the post? Inside this article, we are going to highlight several of our best selling products for various different industries.

e-commerce industry continues to peak

Plastic Mailing BagsCan you send your products through the post? According to stats published by Forbs, the e-commerce (online retail) industry is currently riding a wave of peak revenue of growth so you could potentially be missing out.

With many of our customers involved in the online retail industry, we are supplying a record numbers of our plastic postal bags at present. Both our paper mailing bags and environmentally friendly plastic mailing bags are being ordered by businesses that are in high demand for products due to the pandemic.

Along with stock plastic postal bags, we also offer printed mailing bags options so you can promote your business or your latest marketing campaign and really expose your hand as your products travel through the post.

The high street is still open for business

While the odd store will continue to open with social distancing in place such as the two-customer rules, other smaller retail businesses have adopted different approaches to try and continue to operate. With some products in demand, certain retailers will adapted telephone, online and delivery orders and as a way to keep its doors open.

One product in particular which continues to be best seller is our polypropylene bags. With a variety of custom options, customers can order this type of packaging in a variety of thickness choices with a number of handle & seal options. Perfect to showcase your products in a display, this type of packaging has become very popular with gift shops.

What about businesses who manufacture hospitality products?

Okay, so while many local pubs and restaurants continue to stay open with a takeway and delivery services, certain businesses within the industry may only manufacture products.

stand up pouchesAs eco-friendly packaging specialists, Elliott Packaging offer a variety of pouch packaging products. From our stand up pouches through to food pouches, businesses can create custom pouch packaging to brand and market their products when distributing them. Much like our plastic postal packaging, each type of our pouch packaging is fully sealed so it will keep your products fresh when sending for distribution.

Are you looking to restart your business? Maybe you are looking at different ways to keep your business trading? Elliott Packaging offer a number of packaging solutions including plastic postal bags to help you through this pandemic.

For all enquries or to get started, simply speak to our online sales team using the ‘Live Chat’, our fill out our enquiry form where a member of the team will get back to you in a timely manner.