Elliott Packaging are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fully home compostable carrier bags. With the ability to manufacture your bags in any desired size, print them in up to 8 colours and change the gauge to suit your requirements, you can be sure we will be able to offer a solution suitable for you and your customers.

The traditional polythene carrier bag is made from a polymer derived from petroleum, Elliott Packaging’s compostable and biodegradable carrier bags are made from a specialist compound derived from plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. This means that bags draw down carbon from the atmosphere during the manufacturing process and are made from 100% renewable materials. Because of the materials involved, this is why biodegradable carrier bags are also known as potato starch bags.

When left in a home compost heap, many compostable and biodegradable carrier bags will not degrade for years. This is because most compostable bags that are on the market today are sold as bags that will biodegrade in an ‘industrial compost facility’. These facilities must create very specific conditions in order for the material to compost, the balance of moisture, heat and micro-organisms has to be perfect and the process can take upwards of 12 months. Furthermore, there is currently no defined route for industrial compostable materials to reach any of these limited facilities.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

compostable carrier bagsElliott Packaging’s biodegradable carrier bags will degrade in your home compost heap in ambient conditions of 20-25 degrees, in less than six months. Over the course of those six months, our certified material will break down into water and carbon dioxide, and nothing else. If stored in the right conditions the bags have a shelf life of 12-18 months before they start to lose their load capacity.

During manufacturing, the bioplastic that we use behaves in exactly the same way as any other polymer. This means that it offers an extremely good print surface and can allow us to print detailed graphics in up to 8 colours using an extremely high-quality rotogravure printing press. We can also extrude the material to any thickness, from 5mu to 400mu. The material can then be converted into anything from vest/t-shirt style carrier bags, to loop handled bags, to draw string trash bags; all 100% eco-friendly, home compostable and eco-friendly.

How to place your biodegradable carrier bags order

Are you looking for wholesale compostable and biodegradable carrier bags? While Elliott Packaging not only offer great wholesale prices, our print quality is so high we are happy to provide print samples to customers.

With extensive compostable carrier bags product to help advise each individual customer, why not speak to our sales team using our online chat facilities. Alternatively, you can also call us on 01606 350036 or you can contact Elliott Packaging by submitting an enquiry form.

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