It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! With the busy festive season finally here, now is the time of the year where we usually overstock on everything, including paper carrier bags.

Do you have any brown paper carrier bags lying about in your house? Well inside this article, Elliott Packaging will provide you with 8 alternative uses for brown paper carrier bags. From everyday household chores to family activities, we have got you covered.

Here’s a few different ideas on how to put your brown paper carrier bags to good use

1. Ripen Fruit Faster

You can ripen some kinds of fruits by storing them in a paper bag. This works for bananas, tomatoes, pears, avocados and many more. Just place the fruit inside, roll the top of the bag closed, and let it sit on your cupboard for a day or two. Fruit releases ethylene gas over time and the paper bag will trap the gas inside which will cause it to ripen faster. This won’t work in a plastic bag, because plastic will also trap in moisture and cause the fruit to rot.

2. Make Homemade Popcorn

If you have a brown paper bag, you can make really nice homemade popcorn in your microwave! Homemade popcorn makes a great snack between mealtimes, and it’s even pretty healthy if you don’t go mad with the butter!

3. Clean Windows

This can be used with any paper carrier bags products. Simply tear open a paper bag, scrunch it up and use it to clean your windows. Many people use paper bags or newspaper to clean their mirrors and windows because the paper leaves behind a streak free shine!

4. Serve Snacks

Did you know paper carrier bags are a great way serve snacks at any party or gathering? They have a great rustic look as serving bowls, and you won’t have to wash as many dishes when your party is over! Just roll the top of the bag down or cut it off with a pair of scissors, pour in your snack of choice, and serve. Simple as that!

Kraft paper bag with flat tape handles. Brown or white kraft paper. Printed with your logo. Custom take away style bag.

Brown paper kraft bag with tape handles. Custom bespoke printed.

5. Collect Compost

Another great way to use paper carrier bags is to collect items for your compost pile. Then when you take it out to your compost pile you can shred the paper bag up and it can go into your compost bin too. Smaller pieces of paper bag will break down faster, so make sure to tear it up into small pieces.

6. Wrap A Gift

You can use a brown paper carrier bag to wrap a small gift. Just cut the bag up so you can lay it out flat and then wrap your item up. Wrap a piece of cute twine around it as a finishing touch.

7. Filler Material

If you have access to a paper shredder you can put a few paper bags through to create your own filler material. These little paper shreds can be used as filler for gifts or as packing material. You can also use it to cushion fragile items for storage.

8. Arts & Crafts

Cut open a few paper bags and use them for art projects like drawing and painting. Or you can use them to protect your table top from messy projects!

Do you need any brown paper carrier bags this Christmas?

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