It doesn’t matter if you want to call them paper carrier bags, paper bags with handles or paper gift bags, all paper bags are seen as eco-friendly bags because they can be recycled and compostable.

However, not every paper carrier bag is the same though. Inside this article, eco-friendly bag suppliers Elliott Packaging examine exactly which type of paper bags are recyclable & compostable.

Can all paper carrier bags be recycled?

Yes, all paper carrier bags can be recycled. Any paper carrier bag can either be biodegraded or recycled (made into pulp) and turned back into new paper carrier bags! FSC graded bags are the best most environmentally friendly grade of paper as the material is sourced from sustainable forests.

However, there is one exception! The only type of bags that cannot be recycled are laminated paper carrier bags as the lamination process adds a film layer to the paper.

Elliott Packaging are able to offer a non-laminated version of a rope handle carrier bag, the world’s first eco-friendly luxury rope handled gift bag!

How are paper carrier bag products recycled?

All paper carrier bag products are recycled in a lot of different ways. From being pulped and turned into new bags to being shredded and being used as fillers in other packaging products, they can also be turned into (recycled) cardboard or even composted or bio-degraded.

So are they compostable?

Yes they are compostable but unfortunately not all paper carrier bags can be easily collected and sent to a processing factory.

Brown paper carrier bags are easily compostable, this process offers an energy friendly way to get rid of your packaging waste. Brown and green materials should ideally be used in the composting process. The ideal ‘ingredients’ are plain brown paper, cardboard, dead leaves all in combination with grass clippings and kitchen waste.

Greaseproof paper bags are fully recyclable too and can also be composted as long as they have been treated with organic waxes.

Waxed coated paper bags and not normally recycled but are suitable for composting. Soya bean wax can actually be digested by worms and microbes in the composting process. Some waxes are produced from petroleum-derived additives which can be poisonous to worms and microbes so care needs to be taken when deciding what can and cannot be added into compost.

Composting is becoming a more and more popular way of dealing with household waste, especially food and other organic waste. You simply need a compost bin in your garden, which can easily be purchased or even built! Ensure that the bottom is filled with garden waste such soil, grass cuttings or leaves then simply start to add your compostable waste, kitchen scraps are ideal to add. The outcome will be a really good rich soil that will be ideal fertiliser and just great to grow your vegetables in!

personalised paper carrier bag

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