Plastic is one of the most popular, useful materials we use in our everyday lives. Today, we are accountable for using roughly 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago.

Because of its popularity and extensive heavy use, we are constantly being told and reminded that the planet is drowning in plastic. Well as eco-friendly plastic mailing bag experts, Elliott Packaging are fully committed to tackling this crisis differently.

Recycled plastic is sustainable

Now, the message of this blog isn’t suggesting that not using plastic is not the answer. As a matter of fact, if plastic is used responsibly it can be sustainable. So we can continue to use plastic and maintain a positive impact on the environment.

An abundant resource of recyclable plastic already exists and that’s why we’ve started supplying a range of plastic carrier bags, poly postal bags and plastic mailing bags all from 100% recycled plastic. This not only tackles the existing problem, but it will make people aware and more conscious about re-using and recycling their plastic packaging. This will also result in increasing your eco-friendly footprint.

plastic mailing bags

Did you know: Plastic carrier bags facts and figures

Since the introduction of the 5p bag charge, the average supermarket shopper now uses 10 plastic carrier bags a year, compared to 140. Source – The Guardian 

In 2018, the 5p bag raised £51 million for charities with a total of £169 million generated since the introduction of the plastic carrier bags charge. Source – BBC

99% of local authorities in the UK offer kerbside recycling schemes for plastic bottles and 79% also recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays. Source – BPF

Are you looking to switch to plastic mailing bags

Elliott Packaging offer a wide range of eco-friendly plastic carrier bags products, all sourced and manufactured from recycled material or biodegradable. All our plastic carrier bags, compostable carrier bags, plastic mailing bags and plastic postal bags are all available as printed carrier bags with custom branding and design to suit your individual business needs.

For further information please visit our plastic carrier bags product range. For any further questions, enquires or to get started on your order today, please do not hesitate to contact Elliott Packaging where one of our eco-friendly experts will be happy to assist you.

Alternatively, you can speak to us over the phone by calling our eco-friendly packaging offices in Cheshire on 01606 350036.

For an instant response, simply participle in our online chat facility where a member of our sales team advise on which plastic packaging is best suited to you.