Do I need to start thinking about sustainability?

There used to be a time the negative effect on a business would be small if it said it couldn’t afford to be green. Today, businesses across all types of industries accept that they cannot afford to ignore it.

In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to find any market-leading brand that doesn’t have sustainability at the core of everything it does.

Why? It’s because the environment matters to the customer. And what matters to the consumer who has the power to affect profit and loss. Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking out responsible businesses and products. Some even go as far as to boycott brands that operate irresponsibly.

And they are behaviours that are particularly prevalent amongst younger generations; the sort of demographic most likely to spend money on eating out.

The Environment: What can I do about it?

If you’re starting from scratch, the prospect of going green can seem daunting. Where do you start?

Food service requires lots of energy and water. It also generates a huge amount of waste.

You don’t have to change the world overnight. Even small changes over time can make a positive difference to the environment and your reputation as a business. One easy way to make a change is to think about the type of packaging you use.

Investing in food packaging products such as compostable carrier bags break down much quickly and significantly reduce carbon footprint. Also known as potato starch carrier bags, compostable carrier bags are cost-effective ways to show customers your commitment to sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment.

You may have also seen in the news recently that Co-Op are also tackling plastic and food waste by introducing compostable carrier bags

What is compostable food packaging?

Compostable food packaging is made, disposed of and breaks down in a manner that is kind to the environment. It is made from plant-based, recycled materials and can return to earth quickly and safely when disposed of in the right environmental conditions.

The major benefits to the environment are that compostable carrier bags requires less carbon to produce, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. This provides the earth with life-promoting nutrients.compostable carrier bags sustainability

Compostable Carrier Bags Packaging vs Biodegradable Carrier Bags Packaging

Compostable packaging is similar to other biodegradable packaging, but there are differences. The added environmental advantage ‘compostable’ has over standard ‘biodegradable’ packaging products, is you have a guarantee that the materials used do not produce toxins as they break down. That means compostable products can provide the earth with nutrients once they fully break down.

Biodegradable products also have no set timeframe in which they will break down into the earth. Certified compostable packaging has a guarantee that they will biodegrade under specific conditions, set timeframes or at certain temperatures.

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