Within the eco-friendly bag industry, poly postal bags are also known as courier bags which are designed for protecting products throughout transit. Widely used by online businesses, poly postal bags are lightweight, durable, water resistant and save money on postage.

Inside this article, we will look at why so many cost-efficient businesses choose to use poly postal bags and why they make the perfect courier bags.

How are mailing bags manufactured?

All Elliott Packaging mailing bags are made from either plastic or paper. Polythene mailing bags are usually made from a co-extruded LDPE film and paper mailing bags are made from either a single or double ply kraft paper. Both are also available as printed mailing bags.

Types of mailing bags:courier bags

  • Economy mailing bags; this is a line of mailing bags that will provide simple but cost-effective protection – plain and coloured mailing bags that can be manufactured with a pre-printed address window.
  • Blue opaque mailing bags; a range of good value durable bags that are suitable for the mail order sector. Ideal for the fashion industry and online products. The bags are strong without being too expensive. Popular with eBay sellers.
  • Heavy duty mailing bags; thicker gauge mailing bags that are usually opaque and manufactured in strong co-extruded film, ideal when you need to be sure that the mailing bag will withstand rough handling in transportation.
  • Large heavy-duty courier bags; very popular courier bags that are produced in large sizes with high strength skirt side welds.
  • Metallic mailing bags; high end mailing bags that can be produced in a range of metallic colours, these are ideal for high impact mailing bags.
  • Security mailing bags; very thick (up to 500micron) white opaque mailing bags that can be supplied with a Tamper Evident Adhesive Strip. The welds can have side skirt welds for added security.
  • Tamper evident mailing bags; tamper evident mailing bags are produced in clear and opaque film. Ideal for important documents when the bags need to be identified.

What environmentally friendly material options can you choose?

  • Plastics – Low density polythene and Medium density polythene.
  • Kraft Paper (fully compostable)
  • Recycled plastic or paper mailing bags
  • Eco friendly biodegradable mailing bags
  • Eco friendly compostable mailing bags
  • Environmentally friendly sugarcane mailing bags


  • Width: Plus or minus 3mm (or 2% whichever is greater)
  • Length: Plus or minus 6mm (or 2% whichever is greater)
  • Gauge: Plus or minus 10%

Typical uses for everyday courier bags

  • Mail order: catalogues/e-com fulfillment/pharmacies (prescription drugs)
  • Fulfillment/Advertising/Direct marketing
  • Office products catalogues and wholesalers
  • Government – local and lotteries
  • Banking/Financial
  • Mail room applications
  • Uniforms
  • Printed materials
  • Diagnostic specimens
  • Evidence containment
  • Art and Photography
  • Audio / Computer Media
  • Book Distribution
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics / Toiletries
  • Electronics / Computer Parts
  • Industrial and Electrical
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical / Dental
  • Office Supplies
  • Printed Material
  • Promotional Items

What is the process of ordering mailing bag packaging with Elliott Packaging?

  • Choose the correct type and size for your needs.
  • Decide whether you want a lip and tape closure.
  • Check to see if there other styles or types of mailing bags that might suit your needs better.
  • Make sure your bag is big and strong enough to hold your product.

Polythene mailing bags help to prevent product damage

Made of strong polythene film, Easy Open Poly Mailer features one-pull tear strip that simplifies opening. It is printable and can be customized with retailers and carriers’ brands. Mailing bags are also available with double adhesive strips for reuse for return shipping. They come in multiple sizes and can be printed in any given design, flexographic printing offers very high end print.

Security Tamper Evident Courier Bags

Tamper evident mailing bags are made to hold cash, coins, valuable documents, evidence, and anything else that you want to store or ship that needs to be secure, in different sizes and gauges. The gauge is the thickness. Banks and Courier companies are some of the biggest users of tamper evident bags. It’s been widely used by the companies who want their product or documents or contents to be seen by the users. It offers economical, low unit cost, lightweight, low posting costs, fast and easy to use, durable, waterproof and tamper proof security. They are designed to be used by the courier companies and online marketers to ship their consignments, storing and transporting evidences, samples and other valuable items such as Forensic Evidence and batch samples.

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Light, durable, weather resistant and most importantly secure, Elliott Packaging’ selection of courier bags will ensure your good is easy to carry and fully protected throughout it’s journey. Also available as with printed mailing bag options, Elliot Packaging can also brand up your packaging with your logo and branding colours.

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