Did you know single use plastic carrier bags sales in supermarkets have fallen 86% since the 5p carrier bag was introduced?

Since its introduction, the environmental secretary has later doubled the charge to 10p, and eco-friendly packaging suppliers such as Elliott Packaging have also introduced both bio-degradable or bags made from recycled material to reduce plastic waste in an effort to further reduce plastic waste.

It has been estimated that in 2018 31% of plastic waste was recycled, with this projected to increase to 42% by 2030 as a result of successful future polices taking effect.

What to do with plastic carrier bags

So how can I recycle my plastic carrier bags?

Many councils collect plastic carrier bags as part of household recycling schemes. This isn’t a wide spread service at the moment so please do check with your local council… Elliott Packaging would also advise that before putting any plastic carrier bags in your recycle bin, be sure to check with your local council that they are being accepted in your local area.

Most of the UK’s large supermarket chains now offer recycling facilities so will accept your carrier bags as well as other plastic films. Collection points for used carrier bags are normally found near their main entrance.

The following supermarkets offer collection points at larger stores:

  • Asda
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco
  • The Co-operative
  • Waitrose

Small environmental positive choices

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Here are some tips on how you can make a difference to the environment by making some small positive environmental choices.

Look for suitable re-usable bags and make sure that they are ‘fit for purpose’ – strong, durable and ideally made from recycled material.

Reduce the amount of carrier bags you use by re-using them as many times as possible

If you shop online and receive a supermarket delivery, give the bags back to the driver afterwards or when you make your next online purchase

According to a survey conduced by 332, these are the results on how they felt was the best way to deal with plastic carrier bag littering

  • Require plastic bags that degrade – 33.1%
  • Set up a bag-recycling infrastructure – 28.9%
  • Educate the public to avoid litter – 27.4%
  • Ban plastic bags – 6.6%
  • Tax plastic bags – 3.9%

Eco-Friendly Plastic Carrier Bag Specialists

Elliott Packaging offer a large range of plastic carrier bags, all 100% eco-friendly and available as printed carrier bags with custom design to suit your individual needs.

Get in touch with Elliott Packaging for more information on our eco-friendly carrier bags or branded carrier bags. Alternatively you can also call our sales offices in Cheshire on 01606 350036 or speak or speak to use immediately by using our live chat facility.