Perfect for increasing brand exposure, durable to deliver your products safely in every weather condition and available to customize in bulk order… these are just a select few reasons why so many businesses are turning to printed mailing bags.

Elliott Packaging are able to offer printing for both paper mailing bags and printed mailing bags products.

Paper mailing bags are fully compostable and can be printed on either a brown or bleached kraft paper. Plastic mailing bags are recyclable, strong and waterproof. Both variants can be supplied with one or two (for returns) permanent adhesive strips and are ideal for postal or courier transport. Printed mailing bags are an ideal branding tool and can be printed with any given design/logo to create your personal, customized printed mailing bag.

It is important to invest in high quality branded printed mailing bags and by choosing Elliott Packaging you can be sure of getting the best product at a highly competitive rate.

Printed mailing bags can be manufactured in a variety of sizes so can be ordered to perfectly fit the product that you are aiming to transport, they can also be supplied in any given colour to suit your branding. In short, these bags are functional and they look great. Our printed mailing bags can help to develop your brand by increasing brand exposure with bespoke and eye-catching graphics.

Why choose Elliott Packaging for your printed mailing bags?

Elliott Packaging can offer any kind of plastic or paper mailing bag, the possibilities are limitless. Take a look at our mailing bag range for further information.

We always continue to support our customers with new, on going and old projects. We pride ourselves on our extensive paper mailing bag product knowledge. Each member of the team has in depth knowledge about each and every product which helps us advise and help our customers effectively.

Are you looking to switch to printed mailing bag packaging? You can give our Cheshire offices a call on 01606 350036 or you can simply fill out our Elliott Packaging contact form where a member of our team will assist you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can always speak to our sales advisers by interacting with our live chat facilities.

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