Elliott Packaging have recently supplied a large UK retailer with a brand-new type of 100% eco-friendly plastic carrier bag. The material is produced from natural potato starch and are completely compostable. This means all potato starch plastic carrier bags can go into garden waste or into food waste at home. The material is certified home compostable and complies with European standard EN13432.

The Guardian Newspaper are also another large company who have recently made the potato starch manufactured paper.


Potato Starch Plastic Carrier Bags – Order Details

These new potato starch plastic carrier bags have been printed with a 3-colour design (using fully compostable inks) and have also been manufactured with a punched out reinforced handle. This will add additional strength and support to the plastic carrier bag.

These bags are ideal for retailers who want to move to more eco-friendly packaging but prefer the benefits of using plastic over paper. The bags are strong, durable and waterproof and have a low carbon footprint. Freight costs compared to paper are also much lower, as an example one pallet of potato starch plastic carrier bags would equate to ten pallets of paper carrier bags in a like for like size.

As specialists in eco-friendly packaging, Elliott Packaging have become one of the UK’s most trusted and respected packaging suppliers with over 25 years industry experience.

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Elliott Packaging also offer a large range of plastic carrier bags. All available as printed carrier bags with custom design to suit your individual needs.

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