Mailing Bags – Paper OR Plastic?

In 2019, the most common argument in the packaging world is what is better – paper mailing bags or plastic mailing bags? One of our most popular products here at Elliott Packaging is mailing bags. We decided to use this product to weigh up the pros of each material!

Why choose Paper Mailers?

If you’re looking to move away from plastic use – paper mailers are the perfect solution! Kraft paper mailers are an ideal choice particularly for eco-aware retailers.

paper mailing bag

Available in 2 thicknesses, you can select from: a single ply 100gsm OR a 2 ply 70gsm. The benefits of our single ply version is the ability to apply 2 adhesive strips, which are important for postal returns. Both styles are made from FSC certified kraft paper & are sourced from sustainable forests! Paper mailers are a contemporary way of mailing your products. They are very environmentally friendly, strong, compostable & 100% recyclable.

Here at Elliott’s, online fashion retailers are probably the largest sector currently using paper mailing bags. For mailing items that don’t get damaged in transit, such as clothing & soft toys – paper mailers are the perfect option!

Printed with water based inks, we can print up to 6 spot colours.

Thoroughly researched, trialed & tested, paper mailers from Elliott Packaging represent the very best quality currently on the market! Although the paper mailers aren’t waterproof – they are splash-proof. This is thanks to the long fiber kraft we use, which is ideal for this application.

Why choose Plastic Mailing bags?

If you need a mailing bag that can withstand conditions then our polythene mailers are the perfect choice!

polythene mailing bagNow available to be manufactured from a range of eco-friendly films, you can choose from:

  • fully recyclable (high strength) co-extruded low density polythene (LDPE)
  • sugar cane based LDPE co-extruded films that have a low carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable
  • regran LDPE made from recycled material also recyclable itself

Polythene mailing bags are an ever popular product as they can be completely customized. Available in a range of thicknesses, you can select what’s best for your usage. Sizing can be completely bespoke therefor it’s up to you! We can also add an extra adhesive strip (good for returns), air release holes & even a perforated tear line! In additon to this, we can also print them up to 8 colours process. Lastly, with a usual lead time of 3 weeks (dependent on spec/quantity), our mailers are made in the UK & can be a great choice when needed quickly!

It’s also easy to dispose of your polythene mailing bags. Recycling banks are available at most of the UK’s main large supermarkets. When you’re finished with your bags, this is usually the best place to take them.

Are you looking to switch to either paper mailing bag or plastic mailing bag products for your business? Contact the eco-friendly packaging specialists today. You can simply contact Elliott Packaging by submitting a contact form, give our Cheshire offices a call on 01606 350036 or speak to a member of our sales team by using the chat facilities anywhere on the website.