For years, stand up pouches have been a very popular product here at Elliott Packaging. However, the one question we often get is; “Are we able to have a recyclable stand-up pouch?”

Now, Elliott Packaging are excited to announce that after 18 months in development, we are now able to offer a brand new 100% recyclable (non-laminate) stand up pouch!

How can we make a recyclable stand up pouch?

Eco-Friendly stand up pouch

The new stand up pouches are fully recyclable because they are made with a new (special grade) type of low density polythene film. This film is fully recyclable as it is not laminated, however it still has amazing barrier properties.

What can these pouches be used for?

This high strength film can be supplied as finished pouches or as film on the reel. This film is also suitable for VFFS applications, sachets and lidding film as well. Due to it’s excellent barrier properties, it is suitable for use with:

  • nuts and cereals
  • confectionery
  • detergents
  • liquids
  • pet food
  • wipes

Can they be personalized?

This high strength film can be flexo printed up to 10 colours. You also have a choice of either a gloss or matt finish!

Why are the non-laminate pouches better?

Since coming onto the market, stand up pouches have been a highly popular product. However, until now, the laminated structure has prevented them from being recyclable. This created the dilemma for many people who require a stand up pouch with good barrier properties, but also want to be eco-friendly. With this in mind, we have spent 18 months in development to be able to solve this issue.

The Pioneers of the eco-friendly stand up pouch

We are extremely proud to be pioneers with this very first type of environmentally friendly stand up pouch, and hope that this now gives our customers a new way to go greener! For more information our eco-friendly pouch products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact Elliott Packaging via our contact form or you can speak to a member of our sales team immediately by using our online chat facilities.